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Shear Genius Finale

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007
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I probably shouldn’t admit to having watched this show, but I saw most of it in reruns. Personally I think the Shear Genius finale should of had the following people:

  • Taylor
  • Tabatha
  • Dr. Boogie

Funny how Tabatha caused herself and Taylor to get disqualified, by making a big deal about not liking him. If she had not mentioned all that infront of the judges, they might have made it to the end. Anyway, I guess thats why people watch Reality Shows, basically its fake mild drama, usually they focus in on 2 or three people that don’t get along and then ask them questions about trivial day to day things. Maybe it makes people’s normal hum drum days seem more interesting or maybe they relate to it more. Other than this show, the only other ones I saw were the Deadliest Catch and Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire, which was one of the first Reality Shows that wasn’t on MTV.

Why The Misfits of Science was Cancelled

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007
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This was my favorite TV show when I was a child. After rewatching the series as an adult, I can’t believe I watched that show, the stories are really cheesy. Listening to the intro song again, was really funny to as it was way too 80s. I think it was cancelled due to the fact they didn’t have enough Misfits. The Ice Man was only in the pilot episode, and so right away they lost a Misfit. It was the only reason they had gotten the ice cream truck, they rode around in. Basically they were left with Johnny B., Gloria “Glo”, and Dr. Elvin to doing most of the action. The action became very predictable after awhile, you knew at some point Dr. Elvin was going to have to shrink, Glo would have to do some mental power stuff, and the B-man would need to shoot some lightning bolts or run through something real fast. I think it was a mistake not to give Dr. Billy Hayes any super powers. And Jane (who was Glo’s probation officer), really played no real role in the series. Not only that but she appeared pregnant during mid-season with no backstory or anything about her character, eventually her character left the series. Those 2 characters could of been given super powers to help round out and give more variety to their team. And what about their boss at Humanidyne (the actor is best known from ALF)? I think he probably could of been given a secret super power, one that was lame but one that he could of revealed later on and helped out in 1 or 2 episodes later on. Although it wouldn’t of made sense to make him help on every episode, as his character seemed too much a coward to help the Misfits. If they had made all their main characters have some kind of power the show probably could of lasted 3 seasons or more.

Band of Brothers on the History Channel

Monday, May 28th, 2007
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Granted it was Memorial Day, it seems the History Channel airs Band of Brothers every month. While its a great mini-series (I have the DVD set), I am kinda tired of them showing it ever chance they get. I wrote about the Discovery Channel becoming crap before and it really makes me wonder if more and more the History Channel will follow. As each Television station tries to become more mainstream and gain a bigger audience they ignore their niche. MTV lost their niche long ago, and it seems VH1 (who was supposed to be what MTV was) is doing the same thing MTV has been doing for years. They want to make History less boring, but to their core audience, history is not boring.

And I guess I’ll go off on a tangent here, but has anyone else noticed that the TV Guide channel is now down to 2 bars for thier TV schedule and that it goes so slow. In the past it used to be like 4 or 5 lines of information. And it seems that the Weather Channel doesnt bring you Weather on the 8’s every 10 minutes but when they feel like it.

And is it me or are there like 10 Judge shows on TV now days? Judge Lopez, Peoples Court, Judge Matthis, Judge Joe Brown, Texas Justice, Judge Alex, Judge Joe Lane, Divorce Court and so on.

Asian Import DVD Sets Are Really Pirate Copies

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007
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I don’t promote piracy, but let’s face it; these items have been are all over eBay and Amazon. So much so you have to ask the seller if the DVDs they are selling are legit or not. A few years ago there was talk about working with China to prevent these kinds of items from being distributed, it seems they are here to stay for the time being. I wanted to write about this in my old blog I had two years ago but never got around to it, but figured I’d write about it today, since these items are still out there. However its not as bad as it was in 2004 (where about 90% of the DVD sets on eBay were pirates or where 50% of the ones on Amazon sold by sellers were like they were in 2005). What makes me wonder is why Hollywood didn’t come down harder on eBay and Amazon more for not filtering these items out better back then. Guess they spend too much time focusing on internet users that download movies, perhaps because they don’t have the money to hire good lawyers. eBay did better in 2005 and in 2007 its hard to find these items as they finally got on the ball in preventing these items from being listed. Amazon and eBay were making money on these items, from the seller fees whether they are legal or not and personally I think anyone profiting from pirating should be more of a focus than those that were doing it online by downloading. Anyway enough of that rant and onto the review.

I bought one of these items on eBay back in 2004. At first I wasn’t sure if they were authentic or not, after all in 2004 these things were all over eBay and there were some legit DVD sets from other regions (even from Asia). I got the DVD set (Deep Space Nine, if you really need to know) and the packaging was fairly cheap, basically some fancy printing done over a cardboard holder with the DVDs all in soft plastic sleeves. A few of the season boxes I opened seemed like the DVDs were just thrown in and a few had scratches on them (one of them skipped pretty bad). Video quality was average to very good. It seemed that they stopped the animation on the main menu screens to possibly save some space, and the credits at the end were usually cut short, although nobody really cares a whole lot about those. But another thing I noticed is usually the last episode on each DVD set would usually be cut off more than the others, sometimes the episode would be cut off anywhere from 2-30 seconds, and a few times even more than that. This really sucked as sometimes I had no clue as to what really happened at the end. The special features for the DVDs were there but a few of them had something else thrown in like a preview for some other DVD set while I’m sure that wasn’t on the official sets.

In 2005 I ended up getting sent one of these “Asian Import” DVD sets from Amazon, the whole time I was thinking it was legitimate. Again the packaging was the same, last episode on each DVD was cut short again, and the video quality was a little poorer on this set, although later episodes had better quality. However the animations were still in for the menu screens though. Another thing I noticed is that one episode seemed to be zoomed in for some reason and another episode was in letterbox form while everything else had been in fullscreen. And one time their menu pointed to the same episode twice, although I was able to use the next button to finally find that episode on the disk.

It seems these sets are not all alike, varying in quality but in the end are done rather sloppy. You would think they would know how to make good copies and fit everything onto the disk without any problems. Perhaps no one overseas knows about DVD Decrypter or DVDShrink or they don’t know enough English to use them. Perhaps they just don’t care, they know that people will buy the sets no matter what and not have anyone to complain to. Although you would think if they did an awesome job that their sets would be more popular than the official sets. You’ll also find some people selling DVD-Rs of sets also, as I’ve gotten ripped off once or twice with those deals before. Be careful of what you see on eBay, Amazon and some of the other sites out there, often you have to ask the seller upfront and look at the pictures carefully to see if the items you are getting are legit. Sometimes what they sell is cheaper but sometimes the quality is at a sacrifice as well. I’ve even seen some people sell DVD-R copies of shows that haven’t been released on DVD officially yet that are from old VHS copies and they are horrible in quality. Again I don’t promote piracy, but this stuff is out there and people are not getting what they ordered from sellers online.

Discovery Channel is crap

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007
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Initially the Discovery Channel was about science. In the beginning they filled in some time slots with programs about UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster and lots of old science and speculative TV specials from previous decades; however, now things have changed a lot. Junkyard Wars and even MythBusters can at least be considered slightly scientific, but shows like Cash Cab, Dirty Jobs, American Chopper, Monster Garage and a few other are more mainstream. They eventually made another channel called Discovery Science which eventually became the Science Channel.

I don’t watch a lot of TV, since it’s something I just now began to really notice. But it makes me wonder if the “reality-based”/pseudo-documentary TV trend has gone too far. At least during the talk show TV trend days, you couldn’t modify them into any other kind of genre to show on other TV stations.

I preferred the Discovery Channel when it was boring to everyone else. But in order to capture more of the general audience they sacrificed their niche audience. Which reminds me, I saw a medieval-based fantasy B-movie on the SciFi Channel recently. I’m not sure how dragons and swords are related to science fiction, but I guess they ran out of programming.

I just hope the History Channel doesn’t end up like Discovery, fortunately it’s not owned by them. Digging for the Truth and Mail Call aren’t too bad, but if they continue too much down that path, they will lose their niche audience.