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Kohl’s wont let you use Rewards Cash to get items for free

Wednesday, December 29th, 2021
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I earned Kohl’s Cash based on rewards from shopping. I tried adding different items to my cart, but if the price I pay is $0. It says the item is no longer in stock. Yet if I go back to the product page and refresh that item, pick the same color, size, etc, it shows it in stock. So clearly the system will not allow you to use your Kohl’s Cash to get an item or multiple items for free. I had done this before 2 years ago, but now they won’t let you.

Coronavirus Toilet Paper Alternative

Friday, March 13th, 2020
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With people stocking up on Toilet Paper at the stores causing a bit of a shortage. There is a better alternative. Or at least you can make your stash last even longer. Bidet attachments that can be put onto regular toilets are available online for about $50. They even have some of these bidet adapters that will work with hot warm, so you aren’t just stuck with cold water and can adjust the temperature. It will actually clean you better than toilet paper alone will. Then you can just use a bit of toilet paper to dry yourself.

Best Ikea Desk Hack

Monday, July 15th, 2019
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If you use an Ikea desk, I’ve found the best “hack” to do on them, is to buy a sliding drawer you can install underneath them for storage. I understand why desks these days are nothing more than a board and legs, because people often have multiple monitors and they need the flexibility of using that space however they choose. It’s not like the old days where all someone had was a big CRT monitor on the desk, which they knew they could then add some sideboards to give people a shelf. Storage is definitely lacking and I’ve yet to find a good solution to put a shelf up on these desks and still have it work with multiple big LCD monitors. So for now I just recommend using a drawer or 2 underneath.