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Amazon Delays Shipping on Purpose?

Tuesday, December 31st, 2019
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In the past Amazon deliveries would ship out within 24hours. Now days it can take up to 3-5 days before they even think about delivering it. I’m guessing this is because the Prime orders take priority and they need to make you wait longer for your packages, that way you will more likely want to buy a Amazon Prime subscription. It’s been like this for a few years to be honest. I can’t complain too much as it is still free shipping and they did go back down to $25 to get that (as there was a brief period where they required $35 being spent to get free shipping).

Don’t Buy Hair Product at Great Clips

Wednesday, December 25th, 2019
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I’ve found hair products at Great Clips to be not only slightly pricier, but they have been on the shelf too long. I was upsold some mousse and even after shaking it for a long period, it still wouldn’t come out foam-like. Even after doing this repeatedly everyday for a month. Their product stays on the shelf way too long and you can get a better deal at a department store.

Hotone Nano Legacy Mojo Diamond Guitar Amplifier Head Review

Tuesday, December 24th, 2019
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hotone nano legacy mojo diamond amplifier head

Hotone’s 5w Nano Legacy Amplifier Heads are the size of a guitar pedal. I found the “Mojo Diamond” to be the cleanest of the series as it is supposed to model a legendary Fender tweed. This is a great bedroom or practice amp. You can use it with headphones or plug in a cabinet (speaker) to it to hear outloud (granted its 5w). It even has an effects loop, which at the asking price for this size is nice. It has a plug for auxillary in, so you an play with a MP3 player or some other audio device and comes with a power cable. It has a volume, 3 eq knobs (low, mid, high) and gain. All the basics you would need. They make other ones that model other amps, some in which don’t really have a clean sound. Having a clean sound was important for me, so I can add effects to it, as I want. For the price, size and functionality, this is a nice little amp head for headphones or to practice without disturbing anyone.

Zoom Electric Guitar Multi Effect Pedal (G1X FOUR) Review

Monday, December 23rd, 2019
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zoom g1x four guitar multi effects pedal

The Zoom G1X FOUR multi-effects pedal is a great deal. It has lots of effects, cab and amp modeling. Their software allows you to uninstall certain effects and install other ones in place. You can setup your effects chain and save it or delete the “patches” it comes with to have even more custom ones or just edit the ones it came with. If you know more or less what you want, you might find it faster to setup your “patches” in the software then save them. Then you can tweak them as you need to on the device itself. I personally find that to be a faster method, but the user interface is pretty decent on the pedal itself. It’s easy to switch off a pedal, amp or cab. One complaint some people have is that the amps are all set with the “mic” setting as off.  So it might not sound as good with the “mic” option off, thus you have to manually set these. Again you might do this for them in the software or see what works best through the pedals interface. I really like the fact there is options to do both.

Even if you don’t like the effects much, it has a good Noise Suppressor, a few different Equalizers, a Tuner, Looper and some very basic Rhythm (drum) tracks. And with the Expression pedal you can use it for Volume, Wah, Reverb, or other effects like Bit Crusher, Digitech Whammy like effects and more. All this for a very inexpensive price. You can even setup one pedal in the chain as a mute switch.

The only con I have with it, is that the battery auto-power off takes 10hrs at minimum. So you are better off buying a power adapter, instead of wasting batteries. It came with batteries and to be honest I don’t know how long they last, as I didn’t like having it sit there doing nothing before it powered off. Kind of wish they would update the firmware with a few more options for the auto power-off. I was able to find a adapter for much half the price of the official one, just make sure it meets all the specs.

For an inexpensive bedroom multi-effects I found it to be a great deal. I’m actually surprised how much you get with this device for this cost.

Ikea Desk Hack – Adding Drawers

Friday, November 29th, 2019
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These days most computer desks have no drawers or top shelf. This allows for a lot of versatility since the days where people only had 1 big monitor are gone. With multiple monitors, its hard to put shelves above a desk as it might not have a big enough space. Plus there is no storage. I recently bought some under the desk sliding drawers to put under my desk, 2 infact and its helped keep my desk neater. So if you got a desk from Ikea something like this will work pretty good. I’ve tried to find an adjustable shelf that clamps onto a desk, but with no luck, so shelving probably isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

DIY Portieres to Keep Cold Drafts Out

Monday, November 25th, 2019
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Portieres help block cold air or drafts in open doorways or infront of a door that isn’t insulated well. Good for keeping warm air in a certain spot or blocking off an unused hallway or area of the house or apartment. However they are expensive also. So I measured the height from the floor to the ceiling and how wide my hallway was. I got a cheap adjustable tension curtain rod at Walmart for $10. Then 2 pair of bought thermal curtains that had metal grommets on Amazon for about $40. It’s already paid for itself as my apartment isn’t insulated very well and there isn’t anything I can do about that. But I was able to block off the draft from the indoor stairway. And whenever I go to the stairs I can feel the cold air, I’ve kept out.

Inexpensive Moisture Wicking Performance Blazer Suit Jacket

Monday, July 22nd, 2019
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You may have heard of athleisure sportscoats by Ministry of Supply, The StretchSuit, Bluffworks (Gramercy), State & Liberty, etc. However, I’ve found a much more affordable option for a moisture-wicking blazer. Uniqlo sells a Kando Jacket and Comfort Jacket for much less than the competitors. I found the Comfort Jacket to be quite nice.

So why would you want a suit jacket like this?

  • They can be machine washed (note the Kando actually says to hand wash, but put it on gentle cycle, less spinning
  • You can wear them more comfortably in summer or warmer climates
  • If you sweat a lot, these will help alleviate some of this issue
  • They stretch a bit, giving you more freedom

So who would wear such a thing and why is it needed? Maybe your job or situation requires you to move about better.

  • Valets might need this to run around while dressed up
  • Dancers might need this when needing to look their best and still be dressed up
  • Maybe your a lawyer, businessman, salesman, etc that needs to look sharp even during the summer months without getting too sweaty

I’ve tried both of the sportscoats by Uniqlo and I’ve found the Comfort Jacket to work the best, however it does look more casual. The Kando Jacket, while it looks more dressy, it seems a little bit rougher material and seems to wrinkle easily.

The Retrogaming Market is Overpriced

Saturday, December 15th, 2018
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Anyone that remembers old games should already be wary of collecting anything for money. Remember baseball cards or the comic books that were supposed to be worth lots of money? How did that turn out?

Many old games were produced in the hundreds of thousands to millions. Even if 10% of them are broken (and that is a very generous estimate), there are still tons left. Many people are buying them up to turn around to sell them and are hoarding them. It’s like the diamond market, the prices are high because of the people keeping the inventory. But the demand also warrants it until it gets to a point people are no longer willing to pay. Supply and demand, but partly also because of the hoarders looking to resell. I get it, its capitalism, so be it.

But fact is the games were produced in high volumes, so many are not really worth the prices being asked for. I’ve seen several spots in my city selling games. Not just 1 or 2 small shops selling old games, but several. Even small cities have several places doing this at flea markets, pawnshops, indoor flea markets, stores, etc. So the supply isn’t low, if all these folks have the games.

I have a feeling the market will crash at some point, eventually people that want the items for nostalgia will be met. Don’t get me wrong, the rare games will always be rare and require a higher price, but Diddy Kong Racing is definitely not a $35 game. Super Mario Bros for NES or Super Mario World for the SNES are not worth $25. Just get a Flash Cart because many emulators are pretty much perfect, if not 99% accurate or better except for the N64. The only things the emulators are off by about 1% or less is the sound. Although I understand people really want the device for nostalgia or memories. But collecting the entire set, even the crappy games no one likes, is a bit insane. Might as well just get a Flash Cart and save the space in your spare room for more important stuff.