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OfferUp Sell & Ship Nationwide is Broken

Monday, March 11th, 2024
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Recently I decided to try to sell nationwide and got an offer. I clicked to accept the offer multiple times yet the message stayed there asking me to approve it. However it gave me a shipping label and code to mail it, so I mailed it. Later on the seller asked if I was going to accept the offer and I told them I already mailed it. I proceeded to message OfferUp, which only has a automated phone number and email address. About 2-3 days later they got back to me and I explained the situation and gave them the shipping information I gave them and they said it wasn’t a valid label. I had the latest app downloaded and shipped my item but they weren’t going to reimburse me for the loss.

Obviously there app has bugs that they haven’t fixed. Combine that with their slow response time and I cannot recommend anyone to use the app. Not only that, but they now show ads on the app. Obviously if they used the app themselves they could figure out why not many use it anymore. You are better off selling on Marketplace or Mercari.

Reducing LinkedIn Recruiter Spam

Tuesday, January 18th, 2022
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One way to prevent yourself from getting lots of recruiter emails on LinkedIn is to change your location to a city that is fairly remote and isn’t near a big city. You can always update your city again, when you are looking for a job or are open to jobs. Despite LinkedIn having a setting showing whether you are open to new opportunities or not, you will get lots of emails and such about opportunities even if you say you are not currently working. I’ve found this to be the most effective method and it’s a quick change.

Stop Using Calendly for Appointment Setups

Friday, December 10th, 2021
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Calendly is used by many people to setup calendar appointments easily, but I’ve found it never sends the email out. I’ve even checked the spam folder. I’ve had this happen with several people trying to use this service. It’s just unreliable and could cost you money.

TurboTax Newsletters & Marketing Emails Are Unsubscribable Spam

Saturday, July 17th, 2021
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I’ve unsubscribed to TurboTax multiple times this year and they keep sending newsletters. Now to unsubscribe you have to login. Why? Why is Intuit still bugging me throughout the year? I don’t want your marketing garbage. The only reason I even use TurboTax is because you’ve lobbied the government to make the tax process as complicated as possible so you have a product to sell.

OfferUp failings

Monday, April 5th, 2021
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OfferUp has several issues with it that have been ignored by the developers. Buying out LetGo might of seemed to help them, but honestly they will end up dying out in a few years I’m sure of it.

Issues with OfferUp

  • Scam Bots – annoying and drives people away
  • Annoying notifications I don’t care about
  • Items that were posted 1 or 2 yrs ago are still in the feed and show up in results. I understand some people might want to keep selling something, but they should have to renew a post after a given time.
  • Can only post from the app. LetGo used to let you post from the web also, which made it easier to cross post items.

LetGo I think failed for these reasons:

  • Only local sales
  • Monetized only off of promotions
  • The auto-response of “Yes, it’s available!” seemed like you were shouting if you used it, because of the exclamation mark. It made you seem too eager to sell things, so I never used it.
  • Notifications you could not turn off

OfferUp has some improvements over LetGo

  • Monetizes off of promotions & ads
  • Ability to sell & ship items to buyers

I think its a matter of time before Mercari crushes them unless they fix their app and prevent scam bots.

OfferUp Scammers

Sunday, April 4th, 2021
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OfferUp has been plagued with scammers for months now. Basically as soon as you post something you get a message from a new account w no picture, no items for sale or anything and asking you if something is available.

Once you respond it asks you for your phone number to contact you and from there it continues.

This happens a lot. Part of me wouldn’t be suprised if Mercari is part of this.

That being said it won’t be long until OfferUp dies out. Do the developers even use their own application? Do they even care? Have they noticed this has been going on for over half a year if not a year already?

No one is going to list items, if its nothing but bot responses to every new post.

Possibly Amazon’s Biggest Scam – Back Braces and Posture Correctors

Monday, December 9th, 2019
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If you look on Amazon, you’ll see tons of back braces and posture correctors. Many of them rebranded but the same item. Not only that but all of them with tons of 5 star ratings. And those 5-star ratings are fake. It’s pretty easy to tell, often times the reviews are all around the same time period of a few days or the same month. Sometimes they sprinkle them out more evenly, but often times it seems a bit fishy. Many reviewers even admit to being given the product for free to review, so of course they are going to give it 5 stars, because many times they are given a gift card also, that they don’t tell anyone.

Amazon Seller Tactics – Lower the Quality

Wednesday, November 27th, 2019
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To be fair this isn’t a tactic only used by Amazon. I’ve seen Walmart lower the quality of products as well. I once bought a magnetic curtain rod about 10 years ago that worked well. Recently I needed a new one, so I bought one that looked exactly like my old one, same brand and design (except for the fancy ends of the rod). However the magnets weren’t even strong enough to hold anything but maybe sheer curtains, making the entire product worthless.

I’ve seen this on Amazon. A seller makes a good product, builds up many high ratings and good reviews, then after a year or two or three, they change the manufacturing to reduce their costs. However this also ruins the quality as cheaper materials or workmanship is used. And the product no longer lasts as long or breaks easily.