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Amazon’s Search Has Been Broken For Over 15 Years

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019
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Amazon‘s search has sucked for over 15 years. Even when I pick the proper category and try sorting it by price it still won’t sort by price. Somehow everyone has just learned to deal with it and accept it and despite it all, they are successful. I often find I have to swim in the pool of copyright infringed, counterfeits, inauthentic pool of products varying in price even though I set it to sort by price, it still randomly dumps them out of order.

Amazon Seller Tactics – The Old Product Swap

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019
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I’ve seen this tactic on Amazon quite a bit. If you go through your old purchase history you might see it also. Amazon hasn’t done anything about it, but its been used for over a year or two for sure. I mention it, so maybe it will get overused and ruin the site to where they might actually fix it. I doubt it though, Bezos doesn’t seem to care about many of the shady tactics I see on Amazon.

A seller basically takes an item they used to have that sold very well and had a ton of great reviews. Then slowly but surely they change everything about the product and now its an entirely different product they are selling. However, it has all the old high rating reviews. I’ve seen this a lot because many times I read the reviews and notice they are talking about something else or the pictures don’t even match up to what it was before. They might of had a 5 star rating on a Blender, but now they are selling a Printer. It doesn’t matter, they keep the ratings and reviews and it helps them sell the new product.

eBay Gimmick To Rank High That’s Been Used For Years

Sunday, November 24th, 2019
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I’m so tired of this tactic, but people have been doing it on eBay for almost 10 years. I reported it to eBay once a few years ago, but the person on the phone didn’t understand or seem to care and eBay has never done anything about it. Makes me wonder if the people working there even use the site themselves. So I figured I’d share the tactic I see others use, so everyone does it and either eBay fixes the problem or it ruins it for everyone to the point it might actually get fixed.

A lot of people like to sort by lowest price. So what many sellers do, especially ones overseas, is that they have an option for one of their items. So say you are selling a $50 dollar pair of designer denim jeans. Well what you do is add an option that has a postcard or box for say 79cents. Then when people sort for your jeans, you end up ranking first because of the postcard or box you have as an option for 79cents, even though your real product is $50.

eBay Now Refuses to Reopen Returns that are closed

Sunday, November 24th, 2019
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Just beware of this if you need to make a return and need to change something and can’t. You’ll have to call them up, don’t cancel the return. Even if a seller tells you to close it, be sure first. I talked to support on the phone and they refused to do this. A manager was supposed to call me back, but never did either.

Regain Counseling Review

Sunday, October 6th, 2019
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Regain is an online relationship counseling platform. They offer a “free trial” but once you subscribe, the subscription starts from the day you did the first session, even if it was in the free trial time. So you aren’t getting 7 days free, but it is letting you test it out. If you use the service, I recommend to schedule calls every week. I just don’t see the value in using the chat. I guess it might be good to vent when something right away happens or you need help, but things go faster when you just talk. You don’t have to use your real name, show your face and they don’t even know your phone number. So you are pretty anonymous. One thing I noticed is that you get billed monthly, so book every week otherwise you are paying way too much if you skip a week. And it sometimes seems the counselors on there get booked fast and that the site tries to get you to book 2 weeks out so that you use less calls, which works in their advantage, but you end up paying more that way. So keep a calendar and mark the days you use it to make sure you are getting a deal.

Google Maps Gives Different Directions Each Time

Friday, August 23rd, 2019
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I’ve noticed that using Google Maps for traveling through a new city and going to the same locations over and over. That Google Maps often gives me different directions, even if there is no traffic, road closures or issues. It’s really annoying, but since I’ve memorized a route now, I don’t have to worry about it so much, at least for my routines. I believe they do this, in the hopes that people will report any issues such as accidents, speeding traps, etc on other roads. Perhaps its also a way for them to gauge traffic, but more often than not I’m driving late at night when this is typically not an issue.

Is LetGo’s Feature It Worth Paying For?

Thursday, July 25th, 2019
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The app LetGo has a “Feature It” that promotes the items your selling, but it’s not worth paying for. I tried to sell an item in a major city in the United States and with the 7 days “Feature It” at $5.99 and I only got 60 views. They offer other options like 3 days for $3.99 and 1 day for $1.99. So basically I got less than 10 views a day. I started the promotion on a Thursday at about 7:15pm and had no luck.

But the way it works, is that it only features your item once every 24 hours. So when you do it, you need to hope people are on their phone. Which means, don’t do it during the midnight shift hours when most are asleep. And even then, the odds someone might see it are slim.

The Problem with Tinder and Bumble

Sunday, September 16th, 2018
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It’s not that it reduces online dating to just a swipe or images, because let’s face it attraction matters. But the problem is that it forces you to go through the entire collection of people registered on the site in your area. Granted this method might get you to consider someone attractive that you might of filtered out before, but in all honesty it’s nothing more than a way for them to have you pay to communicate and have access to the database of people registered on Tinder or Bumble.

Those sites are so popular that even OkCupid broke their entire website to try to do the same thing. And the traffic and ratings for the website have been plummeting. POF can’t even handle their spambot problem. Where are the owners of these properties? Have they checked out or on vacation?

In the long run I don’t these sites will work, it’s just not worth having to swipe through people I would never be interested in before, it’s too much effort and time.

LinkedIn Premium Career Review

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018
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LinkedIn Premium Career for $29.99 a month is promoted for individuals looking to get hired and get ahead. Or that is how it is marketed to you. I signed up for the free 1 month trial and set a calendar event with several reminders so I know when to unsubscribe. I’m giving my review after a month of trying it out.

What it offers is:
5 InMail per month
Send direct messages to anyone on LinkedIn. I suppose this can be handy, but I haven’t used it yet.

Who’s viewed your profile
View the expanded list of who’s viewed your profile. There are still some people that show up as anonymous. So some will still show up in this format “Recruiter in the Staffing and Recruiting industry from New York City Area”.

Job insights
See how you compare to other candidates applying for the same job. This only happens when at least 10 people have applied for the job. Not every job has the same amount of details either. Sometimes you see what are the top skills of the other candidates (only when 10 have applied) but sometimes it won’t show up. It’s weird and if you apply early there isn’t much benefit.

Salary insights
Get instant access to salary information without sharing your personal data. I’ve really yet to see any salary information for most jobs.

LinkedIn Learning
Learn new skills with on-demand video courses taught by industry experts. In reality, this is basically just access, which I guess is the same price as LinkedIn Premium Career, so I suppose if you pay for a subscription you should cancel that and just get this instead as it gives you the same thing.

They bill this off as you will be get more views as you will list higher in the search. But in my experience, it doesn’t matter a single bit. It didn’t translate into more views at all, my views stayed the same. So what does this say? Perhaps people view your profile really based on your image 100% so if you look too nerdy, too black, etc then don’t be surprised if your views are low. This isn’t going to change anything. My views and searches haven’t gone up any really. So in my opinion, LinkedIn Premium Career is not worth the money unless you are already paying for

The Problem with Selling Apps

Monday, June 18th, 2018
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Apps that allow you to sell items similar to Craigslist like OfferUp, letgo, 5miles, VarageSale and so on have several similar problems.

Buyers that are only semi-interested and waste your time with endless questions
The problem is that these apps are real-time, which can lead to a faster sell, but sometimes people just ask if its available or ask questions to find out more but really aren’t 100% ready to buy. So you end up wasting time. I’ve had people ask me 5 or more questions only to find out they don’t even have the money to buy it.

People expect low prices on these apps
People on these apps rarely want to pay what something is worth and are looking for a deal and will give very low offers. It’s hard to sell something for even near its value and really expect to sell something half its value at most. It should go without saying, your used items are never worth retail price and are only worth 50% of retail when used for most items (excluding Apple gear and some other categories)

Buyers want more and more
Many buyers not only are interested they want things delivered. I always put in my listings if its pick up only, as some items the prices are too low for me to even waste gas to meet anyone. If they want something for $10 or less, they need to pick it up. Also many people expect you to deliver furniture or will ask, make sure to put “pick up only” to try to prevent getting asked this. Otherwise not only will you get an offer at 20% of what you are asking they will want it delivered also. I’ve had people want me to sell them a used recliner for $20 and deliver it across the city.

Buyers aren’t checking the distance first
This is a big one, these apps should calculate the distance between the seller and buyer and let the buyer know beforehand. Many times it gets close to the sell then I they find out how far I am and aren’t interested anymore.

Resorting images is a pain
If you want to change the #1 or main image you can’t. This should be made easier so we can refresh our items.

Quick Overview
letgo has a quick “I’m interested” button, however sometimes people accidentally hit it when they are scrolling through. It does allow you to post items from the app or through their website which makes it easier to copy your listings from Craigslist. Details and map are hidden under another “more info” button, which means some people may not take the time to read it. The app also only lets you put 1 image at a time with no description in its “post it fast” user interface. However, I always want to put in a description to prevent unnecessary questions (like the size, telling people if its “pick up only”, etc). I end up waiting like 10 seconds after the initial post to go in and put in the description and extra images. It ends up being slower. While its nice the app tries hard to put in decent titles for you by analyzing your picture, 50% of the time its wrong.

OfferUp allows you to set a firm price so there is no negotiation. They only allow you to post items from the app.

5miles only allows you to post items from the app. They also recently now only allow square images. Another problem I’ve had lately is many images now show up as black, I’ve reported it but they just told me to reinstall the app and I did, but it never fixed anything. I’ve kind of abandoned this app, because of this issue and the requirement of square images as I don’t have time to make sure my images will work like that, the app should do it for us or allow us to crop them.