Citi ThankYou Card and ThankYou Rewards

Seems Citi has isn’t promoting their Citi Easy Deals (formerlly called Citi Extra Cash) program as much as they were before. Now they have a City ThankYou credit card, and what they call ThankYou Rewards and other times ThankYou Points. From what I can tell it doesn’t look much different than the Citi Easy Deals program, just higher end.

They still don’t offer real cash back, just ways to pay for more stuff and the ability to buy points to finish off the “purchase” if you don’t have enough points. Seems like a win for Citi, but why buy something with points anyway and pay to get points, which aren’t even real money? Because it makes you feel like you’ve earned them since you’ve built up a collection of them. They are worthless. Get a real credit card that gives you real cash money back. Good reward credit cards out there will now send you a check, debit card or take money off your next statement. Now that’s how you save.

Citi is good with their psychology of making you not want to give up your “earned” reward points, but it’s just a trap to keep you locked in. Shop around for a better credit card.


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  1. 1 · Bill says:

    You can use Thank You points to get gift cards (100 points/$) from a number of retailers. You can use them at Amazon for 0.8 cents/point.

    Not as good as the “normal” 1% cash back but certainly better than Easy Deal points.

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