Combox – (HDD) Hard Disk Drive Selectors Part 4

Troyka Combox Drive Swapper
note: Dell & Compaq owners may need a power cable adapter.

Complete Combox Package

This is the device I currently use. It only allows for one hard drive to be used at a time and has a system protection switch to prevent you from changing it while the computer is running. Since Combox controls power distributions to the drives, it will work with any drive interface (IDE, SCSI, Serial ATA) and any system whether old or new (Pentium and higher or equivalent, according to the old Troyka website). It also works with Primary/Secondary channels and PCI or Raid controller cards.

Combox Troyka Combox

Selection device is done by a digital touch control similar to the Trios II (basically just buttons similar to remote controls so don’t pop in and out like the Trios), however it is not a wired remote. Like the Trios II the LED stays on when the computer is powered off so you can see what selection you have picked. It takes up a 5 ½ “ bay with the touch selection on the outside, but at least you can place one of the hard drives inside the base of the unit. It takes up a card slot but doesn’t actually plug into the motherboard, basically the card just controls which device gets power, it also has to plug into the power supply connector, and the power supply cable plugs on the top of this. This allows it to control the power any device being used and gives the touch interface its power. It comes with a special hard drive cable that can connect to three hard drives so you only have one cable to deal with.


Unfortunately, this item wasn’t around for very long and there probably weren’t many made. Their website went down within a month. Supposedly Troyka is the same company that Romtec was and was infringing on some patent. These items were on sold on eBay by one user for quite a while, so apparently he had access to their left over stock.


Pros: Only the selected hard drive gets power. Only have to deal with one hard drive cable.

Cons: Hard to find.

Combox Complete Combox Package

(HDD) Hard Disk Drive Selectors


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