Crappy new eBay dropdown lowest price listing tactic

I’ve noticed a lot of people selling on eBay taking advantage of the option drop down so that they can be listed near the top when you sort by lowest prices. It’s very common in the watch category. So a watch with a box might be $29 in two different colors in the dropdown and then they sell a box by itself for 99 cents. And because the box is 99 cents (which no one is going to buy) their listing gets placed near the top.

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  1. 1 · jack says:

    How can we fight this / avoid it? I’ve noticed the same thing and it’s super annoying, I wish there was a way to downvote sellers that do this or report them for it. It’s completely misleading and a scam. Ebay should really disable the ability to do this, or make it mandatory that the listed price is the maximum in the drop down to discourage it.

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