CSS3 Validation Debate Reponse

There is a post on CSS3.info, The Big CSS3 Validation Debate where I left a comment I figured I’d make into a post here. It’s about how adding CSS3 rules to your style sheet result in errors with validation and what we think the W3C should do about it. Anyway, my response is below (edited, because I pressed submit too soon). 😛

No need to have the W3C mess with their validator just to work with all the possible browser extensions. This would most likely introduce bugs and cause too much of a headache for them.

Here are 2 things you can do to get by the errors

  1. Put all your CSS3 rules in a css3.css file and then when you validate everything in your regular .css files should pass and the css3.css should fail.
  2. Or put a /*CSS3*/ comment for each CSS3 rule you have in your style sheet, so when it gives an error you know why. This would work best if you put each css3 rule on a separate line.


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