Digg Clones

The following are some open source Digg clones I’ve found. I only knew of two before, but the list has now doubled.

  • Pligg – The most popular Digg clone. Pligg is based on code written for Meneame by Ricardo Galli. I’ve noticed the the Pligg website, license and source links no longer mention Meneame or Ricardo Galli, which is unfortunate. The code has undergone quite a overhaul, but chances Pligg would of never existed in the first place without Ricardo Galli releasing the code for Meneame. However, I’m sure someone else would of written a open source Digg clone eventually.
  • Drigg – A module for Drupal that can make your site work like Digg
  • PHPDug – I haven’t tried this one, but its interesting that someone else made a Digg Clone
  • diggClone – This project seems abandoned


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