Digg Traffic Peaked Last Summer

I was checking out Alexa to see current trends and I noticed that Digg‘s traffic peaked last summer. To be honest, I haven’t even bothered going to Digg or using their feeds for almost 2 months now. They simply wanted to be the all encompassing news site, but has turned into mostly hyped up stories, idiotic images and major blogs reblogging blogs.

Digg Traffic Dropping

Digg Traffic Dropping

Even on Google Trends Digg is dropping off and falling. For some reason, Fark jumped up last summer and is now surpassing Digg in Google’s search queries. Has the wisdom of the crowd now turned into the combined idiocy of the immature?

Digg on Google Trends

Digg on Google Trends

You may already know MySpace peaked last summer and has been dropping, while Facebook and Twitter having been growing.

MySpace traffic dropping

MySpace traffic dropping


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  1. 1 · RevAaron says:

    I wonder what the deal is with the Google trends graph? When I did the query today, there was no dramatic increase in Fark’s search volume- a modest increase, but digg did better.


    see this trend graph

  2. 2 · blogger says:

    I noticed when you did your graph, you included the .com and I omitted it on mine, so the graph I did picks up the terms.

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