Don’t Buy BlueTooth Devices Without aptX Support

Bluetooth devices with aptX support offer low latency. It makes a big difference. As I had tried to setup my guitar playing setup with an aptX transmitter from the amp and regular bluetooth headphones. The delay was over 1 second. After finally getting aptX headphones also, the delay is there, but its slight enough, it doesn’t throw me off. It’s well under a forth of a second. I was able to get used to that and its fast enough it doesn’t bug me and isn’t that noticable. But without aptX I felt as though someone else was playing and many times the lag was so bad it would just abandon the signal almost as if it was trying to catch up.

I’m sure as technology gets better, there will be something better than aptX, but its pretty good right now. So definitely don’t invest any money in any transmitters, headphones or speakers that don’t support aptX.

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