eBay Gimmick To Rank High That’s Been Used For Years

I’m so tired of this tactic, but people have been doing it on eBay for almost 10 years. I reported it to eBay once a few years ago, but the person on the phone didn’t understand or seem to care and eBay has never done anything about it. Makes me wonder if the people working there even use the site themselves. So I figured I’d share the tactic I see others use, so everyone does it and either eBay fixes the problem or it ruins it for everyone to the point it might actually get fixed.

A lot of people like to sort by lowest price. So what many sellers do, especially ones overseas, is that they have an option for one of their items. So say you are selling a $50 dollar pair of designer denim jeans. Well what you do is add an option that has a postcard or box for say 79cents. Then when people sort for your jeans, you end up ranking first because of the postcard or box you have as an option for 79cents, even though your real product is $50.

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