Employers Now Mention They Don’t Want Job Hoppers

I’ve noticed lots of employers like to look for people that are not “job hoppers”. But what is considered to be a job hopper? What if someone has moved up from several positions or had a slight slump and needed to move around a bit. What is wrong with testing out new fields of work. Our employers look for “stable” employees in certain fields for years, but yet don’t offer long term retirement or any guarantees they won’t be laid off to cut a little savings. How many jobs and how many months must people have before being considered going from job to job. If each job was for better pay, why is that a bad thing. People are moving up and moving on. Employment in this time period is tough, people should applaud others getting ahead or moving up and not staying with the same thing over and over. The weird thing is even the low end jobs are saying this.

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