Fox Creates MyFox Portals for Local TV Stations Nationwide

Another smart move by improving local television web sites. I wrote earlier about Nexstar doing this before, but now Fox Interactive Media is doing this as well. Their design and templates are much better done than Nexstar, and they have some SEO in place. It’s not just big cities either, seems any city with a FOX station is getting a site like this.

Here are a few examples:

The SEO could be a lot better than it is, but at least some of the portals have the city name in their domain name. Which makes me wonder why they didn’t just use subdomains instead of registering a bunch of seperate domain names. They could of used and saved a lot of money. The Metro Guide offers a lot of local data such as history, real estate, jobs and more. Seems that local data is powered by Local Matters. A lot of sites have yet to enter in data on many of the pages and most of the news seems to be National. It will be interesting to see if other companies that own television stations will continue this trend.

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