G-Fox, A Better Firefox Logo?

I’ve always thought the Firefox logo would be much better if we could see the fox’s face. I understand that the fox should be looking at the globe because it is browsing the internet. However if they horizontally flipped the image then we could see the face and having it look at the world at the same time. That’s one reason the Thunderbird logo has always been my favorite. G-Fox (The Chinese official version of Firefox) has a logo that faces towards us, but perhaps is a little too adorable.

The Chinese official version of Firefox uses this logo.

The Chinese official version of Firefox uses this logo.

The letter “G”
Firefox community for the G-Fox has given the multiple meanings: from the expression “good, strong,” Good, Great, to the terms of the Internet Guide (lead, guide, road signs – no browser is Internet portal and guide you? ), Gateway (Gateway, the access road), and then to “attractive” Gravity (gravity, gravity), Gorgeous, Grace, and so on. Firefox to the community through the G-Fox name for this glamorous, dynamic small fox into the infinite blessings and a piece of advice!

G-Fox Concept Art

G-Fox Concept Art

You can find wallpaper and a download of G-Fox playing several sports (I assume they wanted to launch this before the 2008 Olympics). Unfortunately all the files are all JPGs.

G-Fox late for the 2008 Olympics

G-Fox late for the 2008 Olympics

ReadWriteWeb has a review of G-Fox also, which is where I first saw this.


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  1. 1 · Max says:

    Those are awesome. Thanks for putting a face to the Firefox. I like how he’s Manga’d. 🙂

  2. 2 · Anonymous says:

    oh my gosh that fox is soo cute its my profile picture now!

  3. 3 · Song Ai Peng says:

    🙂 I like it lots

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