Google Adsense requires your Bank Account Information

Google has announced AdSense will no longer mail checks in countries where Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) are available. Basically what they want is access to your bank account. One of the main reasons people hate PayPal so much is because of their access to bank accounts. Granted I’ve never given PayPal access to that in the ten plus years I’ve used them. This seems to be a good way for Google to bolster Google Wallet, which I believe is the real reason they are doing this. Sure they probably save money from snail mailing envelopes and printing checks, but honestly they want to get people onboard and spending money on their services and growing Google Wallet. AdSense has grown big enough and has been around with enough users that the users will give in. Personally I’m thinking of setting up a bank account for AdSense only and never touching it for anything else. That way I can shut it down on them if anything ever goes foul.


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