Google Verify It’s You Locks You Out

I’ve noticed that Google’s Verify It’s You feature now locks you out of your account. For instance I have some old accounts that I never associated with a phone number and I never put in a secondary email either. When I log in it then sends me a code to my email address, so I put that code into the system it then tells me it doesn’t recognize my system or location.

Well duh, because people probably don’t have the same IP address they had years ago and don’t have the same computer/laptop they had back then either. So it asks me for a secondary method of a phone number, but I never put in a bloody phone number into the system. Why does it want one now?

So basically the account is unusable because of this, despite the fact I can check my emails, have the correct password and put in the correct code they gave me.

I even had this issue with another account but had the phone number, but because it didn’t recognize my IP or Computer, it wouldn’t accept my login. Not sure the folks at Google have tried testing their own software and of course there is no support for Google.

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