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Grooveshark is another online music site, however I isn’t like all the other radio sites online. Let’s say you find a band you are interested in from Pandora or Pandora won’t let you just listen to one full song from a band in particular, only short clips. will let you listen to whatever song you want, but you have to do a lot of clicking to listen to a bunch of them. Even if you add them to a playlist and going through the process of their “pseudo-popups”, you still can’t just tell to play each song from the playlist (or at least I was unable to figure out how). This is where Grooveshark comes in. Grooveshark will let you listen to as many songs from a particular band that you want and you can even do it based on one of their albums. This is really great for exploring a band that may have peaked your interest.

However, it is not without faults. The biggest problem right now is that there are duplicate music files, because many songs are spelled differently or differ by a few seconds. It’s really annoying to try to clean up your queue of the duplicates, because you end up losing how far foward or back you are in the navigation. The other issue is that their music library isn’t as in depth as Pandora and definitely not as huge as’s. I’ve also noticed that the “Recent songs listened to” RSS feed you get will only pull songs if they fit a certain time period, so if you go without using Grooveshark for awhile that feed will be empty, rather than remembering what you last listened to.


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  1. 1 · zheng ye says:

    I just learned of GrooveShark. As I learn to navigate around the site and playlists, it is very brilliant. There are only one or two suggestions which I will submit, as opposed to dozens of usability, permissions and interface problems with, MOG, Slacker, and Pandora.

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