Guitar Scales and Chord Links

I’ve been wanting to learn my scales for a long time and I found 2 free applications and 1 website that do a good job of helping you learn them.

  • Fretboard Warrior – Plays the sound of a note and shows it on the guitar and you pick which note it is. Requires no install as its a Flash Projector file.
  • Advanced Fretpro – Its like Fretboard Warrior, exept it doesn’t play any sound. However you can tell it what strings and frets to omit, so you can practice on the areas you don’t have mastered yet. It also has a built in chord patterns and scales.
  • Guitar Chords – Tons of web based tools to find chord names, chord progressions, scales and more. Some of the tools are done in flash, which makes it easier to use, since you don’t have to submit a form.


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  1. 1 · 12bar says:

    First off – thanks for the PunBB hacks!

    You might add also my little PHP hacking on chords and scales.
    Free of course. No flash, not even Javascript. Pure PHP.

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