History Channel and White Trash Redneck Stereotypes

I’ve written before, about how the History channel is no longer about history or science. I even wrote them an email once. But it seems, A&E Television Networks is intent on catering to a wider audience and ignoring the niche audience their channels were to provide.

I realize reality TV shows are cheap to make and quite popular to watch. They often create some drama that more people can relate to, such bickering between family, friends and other people in general. Who can really relate to murders and drug busts in other TV shows? Probably very few. The History channel does seem to produce shows to various aspects and cultural distinctions of America, but it’s not called the Americana network. And it’s not called the Mythology or Conspiracy station either, so shows like UFO Hunters, MonsterQuest or Ancient Aliens are really poor to broadcast. And now they have a H2 channel and it doesn’t focus on history any better. Big Shrimpin’, Ax Men and Swamp People, how are they history?

A&E seems to have become a station about reality TV shows as well. In the past their niche seemed to be based on crime stories. But now they have the shows Deadliest Catch, American Hoggers and Duck Dynasty. I’m not sure I understand the fascination with white trash redneck backwoods stereotypes. Sure it can be kind of funny sometimes, but in the end they are just regular people like everyone else. It really doesn’t matter if someone lives in a double-wide trailer or the ghetto. Or if someone has a twang to their voice or speaks ebonics. It’s odd to think the middle class has broken this far apart. I really hope the trend of reality TV shows ends. Perhaps they will run out of interesting little cultural aspects or unique jobs to base a show around. But I believe this television format is bound to be around forever.


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  1. 1 · disgusted says:

    I agree. I gave up on History about 3 years ago. Too bad, it was the last channel I watched. Now I only use my TV for exercise videos or guests.

  2. 2 · D Whittaker says:

    White trash is what white trash of America wants! History at its best ! Still trying to curve the real History.

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