History Channel Email Response

I recently sent the History Channel an email about my complaints of shows like Ice Road Truckers and Human Weapon and I got a response the next day.

Dear ___,

Thank you for your comments concerning programming on The History Channel.

With over 91 million domestic subscribers, we realize that not all programs will appeal to all viewers. However, this does not keep us from striving to provide the most diverse spectrum of programming possible.

In this spirit, if a program or series has failed to appeal, we hope that you have enjoyed –and will enjoy– other 2007 premieres, such as JONESTOWN: PARADISE LOST, FORT KNOX SECRETS REVEALED, SAVE OUR HISTORY: THE SEARCH FOR GEORGE WASHINGTON, THE DARK AGES, USS CONSTELLATION: BATTLING FOR FREEDOM, FULL METAL CORSET, A DISTANT SHORE: AFRICAN AMERICANS OF D-DAY, NIXON: A PRESIDENCY REVEALED, LAST STAND OF THE 300, and new episodes of the series DOGFIGHTS and ANCIENT DISCOVERIES, to cite a few.

It is important to us to receive feedback from our viewers, and we deeply appreciate your taking the time to contact us.

Viewer Relations


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  1. 101 · Yolanda says:

    I am tired of your programs such as ax men, american pickers and pawn stars, all of which have nothing to do with history.

    Will you please put programs that pertain to European and Israel history, Roman and Greek history, Maya, Aztec and Inca, etc.

  2. 102 · Klaus Scharley says:

    I watch most of your military related shows. I am reasonably well informed on World War 2. I have yet to see a show that does not have gross errors in fact. Why is it that you are unable 65 years after the end of the war to give the true facts. Let me give you one example. I am now watching Battle of the Bulge. In it you stated that there were 100 Tiger tanks present. There were never more than 90 Tiger tanks available on the whole Western Front. Obviously not all of those would be available for combat. If you wish to contact me I can be reached at klaussch@shaw.ca. I can help but I doubt that you will want it.

  3. 103 · tony says:

    When will season 2 of Chassing Mummies” be on tv ?

  4. 104 · history channel says:

    I like the shows you have on now like the Pawn Stars. I work in an industry that might be just as interesting to do a show about, its time share. If there would be any interest my e-mail is “stevennizet@yahoo.com

  5. 105 · Jordan says:

    The show Swamp people is disturbing, not entertaining, and I live in New Olreans, trying to save the coast and our wet lands and theses red necks are making us have a terrible name killing our animals … Please consider this show to be taken off.

  6. 106 · Larry says:

    My family and I will not watch anymore History Channel until you drop SWAMP PEOPLE. It’s a terrible and sad program. I’m glad Steve Irwin is not around to see this. PLEASE STOP IT!

  7. 107 · Nilay says:

    I was watching IRT Deadliest Roads. The map of INDIA is incorrectly shown and i would like the history channel to apologize for it.The region of Jammu & Kashmir is in INDIA and not in PAKISTAN.

  8. 108 · brandon galle says:

    what are you thinking about? Jacking top gear from the bbc. This guy does not look as interesting nor as funny as jermey clarkson richard hammond and james may. The whole idea of the show is the hummor. You need comedians who love cars. Please try again if you respect TOP GEAR at all.

  9. 109 · Curt D. Kasiah says:

    ” Time Machines ” please do a show about the HISTORY of time machines . i’m hearing too many people say ” when are they going to make a time machine ! ? i know what they mean [ teleportation ] . we were born with our legs not our chariots , bicycle ,cars ,space shutles … we can even transport our self virtually all around the world [ all over the world at the same time by way of satelite ] . and now i’m reading about teleportation of atoms & protons .much like discovering tv & radio. maybe one day we can show the person that invented the wheel just what they started . kasiahwold@hotmail.com

  10. 110 · Anonymous says:

    I like to watch the history channel. Sometimes there is a story about UFO’S. What I would like the channel to show is a story about the time of Noah when there were fallen angels who were roaming the earth and doing what they were told to do by the leader.
    Tell a story of the time of the Nephelim and what impact it had on the human race. What we call UFO today is what people have been seeing for many hundred years.
    Reference, the Book of Enoch. Can you give the viewing public a story about what is really going on. There are some people who know and there are some who don’t know, like me.
    I am asking you kindly to grant me this.

    As children we learn about stories about the Greeks, Babylon and King David from the Bible. Let us know about King David battle with Goliath and his four brothers. What I realize is that David had five smooth stones but he only fired one.

    Thank You
    Roy Douglas

  11. 111 · ike says:

    monster quest sucks it never shows or proves that these monsters exists is that really the best you can come up with I have been watching the history channel for many years I suppose its time to find a better educational channel and whats with the ufo guy does he always have them big sunglasses on come on be serious try hiring some one who know history sincerely very disappointed

  12. 112 · Jay Wilson (jay_frizzle1 says:

    I was with my step father around 1996. i was about 12-13 at the time and him being lower 30’s. I have perfer vision. He has near perfect. We lived in ft. walton beach florida on the panhandle where my father worked at Hurlbert AFB which is right next to Eglin AFB whome is known for having top secret projects. Aso top secret at Hurlbert AFB just not so much from what i gather. SO, me and my moms boyfriend were on the way home from the gas station, when i yelled for him to stop and look in the sky. we both got out and i pointed to what i saw. we experienced, no more then 75~100 yards away!!! 5 bright lights in the sky that formed a perfect triangle. It was SO close, yet emitted no noise whatsover. then, the object moved silently with such ease about 20 yards and stopped. the object did this same method 4-5 times until it was completely behind a giant oak tree. we could still see the lights but they were getting faint and further as we went around the tree. we got around it was barely to be seen. then vanished!!

  13. 113 · Earl Windham says:

    we are a mobile home transporting company in sylacauga alabama i would like for lisa kelly of ice road truckers to come to alabama and transport a 16X80 single wide mobile home. call me 256 245 4864 or256 245 6535 or 205 965 0377.

  14. 114 · Bernie says:

    Just saw the program Apocalypse Island, and you should be ashamed for showing such a ridiculous piece of garbage. You should change your name to The Hoax Channel. I have spent a lot of time on Juan Fernandez and there is no evidence of Mayans ever visiting the island. The rock formations are natural and it is akin to looking at clouds, as you see what you want to see. Trash T.V.

  15. 115 · Sam Waddell says:

    Your history of the American Civil War and slavery are just typical of our hypocracy and propaganda. The North built and supplied 1.500 slave ships even under the American flag and legalized African Slavery first. It was Jefferson and Virginians who outlawed this in 1809 but it continued illegally until the Civil War and after. The small, unpopular and radical and many times violent Northern abolishionists rose up after the South outlawed the slave trade to then go after Slavery that still existed in the South but the South had its own abolitionists who loved the South and wanted to bring about a peaceful and proper end to Slavery. In 1829 there were 4 times more Southern abolitionists than Northern but the Northern ones hated the South as well as Slavery and according to R.E. Lee , who was a South abolitionist, they hurt what they were trying to accomplish in the South because of there violent methods. The average Northerner, including President Lincoln, were not abolitionists they were only fighting to keep the South in the Union and really for economic reasons. The Union army raped and even murdered Blacks in the South. I know because it happened near my home. They also killed defenseless Southern civilians and robbed them burning their homes and even Churches. The problems between the North and South went on before Slavery was brought into it and long after. Money ,according to Charles Dickens, was the real issue. The South paid most all the tax and the North got all the money. The vast majority of Southern soldiers didn’t own slaves or have any interest in that institution but wanted to govern themselves and have their own country. This is not the case now but was in 1861 when our country was still developing. I know that you probably know all this and it is not uneasy to find in books that really deal with true history but ofcourse we have to maintain the myth that the Yankees are better and that they love all races and that Southerners and evil and racists but it doesn’t take one very long to see the myth in this even Dr. King said the North was worse that the South ,in many ways, and that the worst march of the Civil Rights movement was in Chicago but ofcourse this will not be mentioned in America either.

  16. 116 · science of the soul says:

    I decline that it is right to make new humanity to find out about the soul. because making a consious android pretty much is that. First of all we are not god we cant make a new living kind. Why would anybody, if it is too research if souls are real. If the android is cautious than it just proves there is no soul and we are just machines like it is. And lets face the facts, if someone could make machines like that people could take them for granted by using them for the army. I mean if it is programmed to fight or something severe can happen. What if there were people befour us and they made a new kind, us. Then they knew all the information we are trying to find out in the world. Now we are going to make a new kind to continue the cycle. If you dont believe this, well you are the one making another “human” race. Because reaserchers have found intelligents that are very smart and competent at what they did in the past not just barbarians as was found out after all. Or are you going to go angainst your channel because your channel shows it everyday. People finding ot that they was a civilisation befour us that found logical information. That is how we are learning alot of what we know today, from clues to what the aztecs and other people found befour us. Besides we dot have room for a whole nother race on earth. Making a frankin stien is from a movie and we should not do fiction on real life in this case. It is also immense to me also becuase to goes angainst religions like my own to be doing gods work. Also you can not really go angainst this will because is it not the persons mission to make a robot with a soul. There is nothing wrong with the way we live today that we need to change it so dramatically. I understand robot pets that respond to human reaction but you dont need to make it another living thing. Please show this to the person who wishes to do this project. Thank you for reading.

  17. 117 · Alan lockwood says:

    Dear history channel,

    I am sick and tired of hearing about this 2012. Why do you insist on craming this shit up our asses trying to get us to live in fear. I hate it . It should be against the law. I mean what’s your intention anyways ? Make everyone watch your programming , cause national choas. I gotta calm all my family down , who wanna ” move outta state” live it up before 2012.. Jesus shutup already . Why don’t you guys ever state the opposite sides of those “predictions” but I also think the commercial about genital herpes during educational programing. Overall I really like the history channel alot of really good stuff. Maybe you should stick to history instead of trying to predict the future.

  18. 118 · David Fischer says:

    I haqve spent seven years investigating earth impact crater, and have a way to locate them worldwide. This speaks to mineral deposits, continental plate movement, and MUCH more. In fact, I discovered “Kebira” months before Dr. El-Baz. I found that Australia was part of Antarctica a year or two before it was announced. Sure, they found a crater under the ice in Antarctica…I have dozens mapped out in Antarctica, including that one. I hoped an exploration company that was interested might surface, but I don’t have a pedigree. Guaranteed there’s enough here for a series, especially with 12/21/2012 and all. !s anyone interested? fisch_58@yahoo.com

  19. 119 · college history teacher says:

    The “History Channel” is only that about half the time these days, if that much. It sickens me so that I never recommend watching it to my students these days, since more often than not they’d get shows on some paranormal topic, reality shows, or speculative shows about asteroids and Armageddon. By the way, cram the crap about diverse programming. If the owners want to prostitute their networks for ratings and ad dollars, don’t try to sugar-coat it. I know nothing about the people running the channel, but I’d bet the farm they have little real background in history. I envision people who feel the History Channel was “too historical” before. I am reminded of the dim Emperor in “Amadeus” saying of Mozart’s music, “Too many notes.” I will also echo an earlier comment on the everyday errors in the shows. Research and fact checking are as sloppy as a freshman essay. Film and video images are used in error constantly. Commentators make dumb mistakes on known events, and even the grammar of some of the commentators often betrays people educated beyond their intelligence. A suggestion: use a few of those ad bucks to hire a couple more actual historians as fact checkers. Better still, start a Paranormal Channel, leave the people driving trucks to the Speed Network and the people in pawn shops to the shopping channels, and bring back our boring old History Channel. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

  20. 120 · aj says:

    Whom it may concern at the history channel;
    I was very disappointed and a lil disgraced on how cable tv has been slacking in the degree of animal rights. I had come across ‘Swamp People’ and could not believe how cable TV has allowed this abuse. The killing of animals. This adds to the poor language that has been less censored in the last several years. I would suggest to take ‘Swamp People’ off your channel. It is inhumane! My children have been not allowed to view History channel at thie time until the station has fixed this. TY

  21. 121 · BTTO says:

    Estimados amigos.

    He visto en varios programas que confunden a los expectadores, en cuanto a culturas indigenas mexicanas se refiere. Si bien es cierto, que Los Mayas y Los Aztecas son dos de las muchas culturas relevantes de México, es muy evidente que confunden sus datos, por ejemplo hablan del calendario Maya y presentan las imagenes de la Piedra del Sol ( Calendario Azteca) Dicen que las piramides Mayas tienen una posición en relación a la constelacion de Orión y utilizan imagenes de la Calzada de los Muertos de la Ciudad de Teotihuacan.
    Consideron que el material debe ser más exacto en sus programas para que el objetivo buscado sea exitoso.

    Un abrazo, desde Torreón Coahuila, México

  22. 122 · Anonymous says:

    There is not a single solitary show dealing with WW 2 that does not have factual errors. It is now 65 years since the end of the war. Why can’t you get it right if I can. Just now watching “Dogfights”. Operation “Bodenplatte” which the show translates as “ground plate” why not translate “pomme de terre” as “earth apples”. Bodenplatte means “base plate” as in mortars. I am reasonably well versed on most aspects of WW 2 and translate military books from German into English for publisher. Why don’t you use me as a consultant (free) and get it right!! klaussch@shaw.ca

  23. 123 · Anonymous says:

    Up until tonight, Feb. 2, 2011, I have really enjoyed watching Pawn Stars. I’ve learned a lot about historical artifacts and cultural memorabilia. I also enjoy the stars……..at least I usually enjoy the stars of the show. What I deplore is all the swearing. It is totally unnecessary, totally crass and it makes the Pawn Stars look like total ignorant buffoons (which they are not) .

    Please CLEAN UP YOUR ACT and become enjoyable to watch once more. Thank you,
    Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

  24. 124 · Longing for the old History Channel says:

    I must concur with post 119; your network should drop the reality programming. It’s not historical or cleverly produced, and with the profanity it’s simply trash TV. Why would the executives of your network allow such garbage to be aired? Is it the ratings you achieve that compel you to keep running shows like, “Ax Men”, “Ice Road Truckers”, or “Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy”? My lack of viewing is spurned by the fact that you’ve abandoned the solidly produced, long-format documentaries that heralded your early success. I began watching your network in the late 1990s and bought several of your ancillary videos. But in the past two years, I became an infrequent watcher never bothering to purchase your video collections. Seeing the promos for the reality programs you run today makes it sad to remember eight years ago you aired and distributed the well-crafted, “Russia Land of the Czars”. You lost a dedicated viewer.

  25. 125 · Trying to find out who to contact says:

    I know of a story that should be on History. It involves two women pickers. A mother and daughter. These two work about 18 hours a day. They have amazing personalities. The mother is around 40, the daughter is 20! I have never known two ppl’ who have such passion.
    Along with picking they own several struggling businesses.
    They are none stop.
    Does anyone know who I get in touch with?
    Thank you

  26. 126 · Beth Davis says:

    How do I contact the History Channel about Pawn Stars? When Pawn Stars is on TV, I can see a picture of Jesus on the wall in the background and I’d like to know how much it costs.

    Is there a way to contact either the History Channel or Pawn Stars re: this?


    Beth Davis

  27. 127 · Anonymous says:

    A programação da History channel sempre me interessou muito, mas ultimamente estou observando que os programas voltados para situações nada culturais, valorizando as guerras que enfatizam apenas o que o ser humano tem de pior. Isso não tem nada haver com a proposta cultural que o canal representa. Onde está o lado científico e cultural? Para assistir estes programas não preciso ter TV por assinatura, pois crimes bárbaros e maldades já são comuns em programas sensacionalistas na TV aberta. Não pago para disputar promoções e sim por um conteúdo de qualidade, que possa ser assistido pela minha família. A programação exibida ultimamente por ser de boa qualidade para os padrões americanos, entretanto no Brasil, ainda precisamos de mais cultura, pois violência e guerras já fazem parte da rotina de muitos brasileiros.
    Séries como “Fatiado” que mostram o prazer de cortar um objeto que nem sequer ensinar como funciona, não desperta nenhuma curiosidade pela forma brutal como ocorre. “Trato feito” valoriza o lado negro do dinheiro que é ganho nos momentos de mais desespero das pessoas. Os donos lucram com o sofrimento alheio. É bem diferente da série “Caçadores de relíquias”, que percorrem o país em busca de peças raras e bons negócios, sem a intenção de explorar o ser humano no momento que estão em dificuldades financeiras.
    A programação cultural também precisa ser transmitida em horários diversos, para que todos que trabalham durante o dia possam ter acesso.

  28. 128 · Me says:

    The history channel needs to do more documentaries on Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot. We know already about Hitler, Stalin killed a lot more people than Hitler so did Mao. More on them please instead of Hitler all the time, geez!

  29. 129 · Ronald H. Allgary says:

    I would like to know:
    1. Why the History Channel continues to portray Lee Harvey Oswald as the “Lone” assassin of John F. Kennedy?
    2. Why do you keep on talking about three shots?
    3. If one bullet was found in mint condition, where are the other two?
    4. Why do you keep insisting JFK’s was shot in the head from the rear?
    5. If JFK was shot from the rear, there should have been a bullet in the back of the fron seats. Where is it?
    6. Why did Connally yell out QUOTE: “My God they are going to kill us all”?
    7. How did Connally know it was “THEY”?
    8. Why do you not ever mention the bullet that hit the rear-view mirror?
    9. Why do you not ever mention the two bullets that hit the curb?
    10. Why do you not ever mention the bullet that hit the cop under the over pass?
    11. How do you explain all JFK’s wounds being LOWER in the front of his body than the BACK of his body if you contend the shots were from an elevated position behind him they had to be just the opposite?

    12. Do you actually believe the American Public is stupid enough to believe a bullet with 3,500 pounds of thrust hitting the man in the BACK of his head is going to drive his head BACKWARDS?

    13. If JFK was shot from the rear as they say, Why was there a piece of his skull sliding down the trunk of the limo?

    This is what I believe happened and why:

    Kennedy was shot by the two men dressed in police uniforms on the LEFT SIDE OF THE OVER-PASS!!!–the spotter and the shooter! The shots fired from the 6th floor window were diversionary fire—-ONLY—-! With the evidence posted at Dealey Plaza, there was a total of NO LESS than seven (7) shots fired.

    JFK ordered our troops OUT of Viet Nam. JFK also wanted to disban the C.I.A. to be replaced by the Navy Seals. The C.I.A. spent too much time and money setting up the war in Viet Nam to let JFK stand in their way. The helicopter company who LBJ had ties to was about to fold. The war put them back in business. Other Texas companies profited by the war in Viet Nam. I believe Bush Senior was part of the assassination. Texans had John Fitzgerald Kennedy killed because he was costing them money! I believe LBJ wanted to be president so bad he was willing to have JFK killed.

    I have killed many a deer. I have never shot one and have his body lunge TOWARD ME! EVERY ONE of them were knocked away from me in the direction the bullet was travelling. JFK DID that very thing. The head shot was from the front. That is why the first Zapruder film showed a piece of JFK’s skull sliding down the trunk of the limo toward the rear end of the vehicle!! The film you showed tonight has been doctored! Even in the doctored version, they did not succeed in getting all the image of the film. At the bend in the trunk, the erased piece of skull came back into view. They sealed the evidence so that the players could live out their lives without being held accountable. Now that LBJ is dead, you should open all that evidence. Lee Harvey Oswald was exactly what he said he was—“A Patsy” Prove I am wrong!

  30. 130 · Vladimir says:

    Hello! My name is Vladimir i am engineer of telecommunications. I live in Belgrade, Serbia (Europe). I watched the show about Nikola Tesla. It was good series about the most mind in our planet. But i have to writte one digression. You sad Tesla a Croat but that isnt truth !!! He is borned in small village in today’s Croatia, but he is Serbina nationality. His father was Orthodox priest (Serbian Orthodox Church), so it is impossible to say Tesla is Croat. I do not want to understand me wrong. I do not want anything bad to say this, but things you must designate the kind they are in reality. Perhaps this was the random error, I hope…

  31. 131 · phat ass says:

    Time to vent – American Pickers is becoming phoney, if its reality TV then stop the set ups.
    Pawn Stars is becoming one big Sub_Way commercial.
    Swamp Dorks is sick, Im not a tree hugger/PETA type, but really have no desire to watch a bunch of white trash dump ass dorks kill gators.
    Ax Men, I always thought these were men of steele, men to be looked up to, not a bunch of overgrown babies, fighting, cussing, back stabbing one another.
    Thanks, now fix it so I can get back to get back the couch and eat popcorn, gain weight and bitch!

  32. 132 · phat ass says:

    Hey Beth davis, have you thought about calling the store?????

  33. 133 · phat ass says:

    OK, last complaint for the evening………………

    I agree with all the others,,,,, get rid of Swap Dorks! Worst Show of All time. I weigh over 600lbs, but im switching to diet Coke, so trust me ive watched some tv in my time. Been on the couch watching tv since the very first episode of the Brady Bunch. Swamp Men or People is far and above the worst ever, or at least since 1973 when i got on the couch!

  34. 134 · Steve says:

    I find that the History Channel has really dropped the ball in showing these idiotic programs about early human civilizations gaining their knowledge from alien technology. The program Ancient Aliens is not only stupid and historically retarded, but leads naive people to think that this nonsense is actually an plausible explanation to explain various “mysteries.” Where is the objectibe stance of the network that bears the title “HISTORY”? The history channel has clearly demonstrated that either ratings or money is the deciding factor of what is shown rather than common sense. I wonder if they realize what an offense it is to listen to these ridiculous dogmatic assertions paraded as fact to the profesional academic. Students that buy into this junk waste my time as a university professor. The fields of study that have been marginalized and run through the mud in the name of science fiction range from archaeology and anthropology to biblical theology and philosophy – not to mention classical history in general. The hubris to question centuries of research and knowledge in some attempt to advance alien intrusion is utterly disgusting. Anybody that approaches this program with a frame of mind to do serious research about the panel of people on Ancient Aliens and what they exclaim will discover that they are of the pseudo-science / techno-religious fringe consisted of quacks and lunatics. Nobody can convince them of how absurd they indeed are except themselves. In the meantime, the rally their agenda and ignore how mistaken their claims are. Their postulations have been repeatedly debunked and disqualified. Yet the History Channel chooses to allow this sensational trash to spread confusion. Why sponsor propaganda in the course of entertainment? Wake up History Channel and salvage any credibility you still have and turf this foolishness!!!

  35. 135 · Please Check says:

    I watched yiur feature onthe Date of proclamation is not correct Martial law in the Philippines (Tagalog: Batas Militar sa Pilipinas) refers to the period of Philippine history from September 21, 1972 not September 23, 1972 to January 17, 1981 when the government of the Republic of the Philippines led by the 10th President Ferdinand E. Marcos imposed martial law in an attempt to counteract the Communist insurgency on the country. This was in effect a ploy designed to establish authoritarian rule in the country, with the President and his First Lady Imelda at the head of the regime. President Marcos declared Martial law by saying… Macliing Dulag, and others.

    thank you,

    Fr. jelito s. caparas, ehm

    a Filipino

  36. 136 · Please Check says:

    Martial law in the PHilippines is SEPTEMBER 21, 1972 NOT SEPTEMBER 23, 1972


  37. 137 · Lamar Carnes says:

    I noticed your channel presented a program relating to Cults and their danger today. Most of the time programs and news articles cater to “smaller” groups such as David Koresh and Jim Jones.

    But the sectarian cult of Islam presents to the world more dangers and problems than any David Koresh and Jim Jones even thought about! Yet, never do you expose the evil and problems these movements within Islam bring to the world. Is that because you are afraid of their evil potential to respond in a violent manner or is it because you are controlled by some view of “tolerance” at any cost when it comes to “larger” movements such as Islam? In any regard the world needs to see the “dark side” of movements such as Islam, and even Roman Catholicism which I note has been done with no restraints and yes, even Protestants if they have any. But it always seems Islam is “off limits”! Why?

  38. 138 · what the says:

    history channel was our favorite channel but now the shows you air have little to do with history! most need to go to another channel like animal planet discovery or learning channel. you may need to change the title of history channel to something else and then leave history to another station. Real history teaches us where we have come from , how we got here , different cultures , wars , kings , queens , presidents , etc….. We as a people need not forget our history, its what separates us from the socialists and communists! History keeps us free!

  39. 139 · Rick says:

    Think about the Hitler, I mean History Channel. There are good shows, and shows even for people who know nothing about history such as the Ice Road and the weapons show. Wouldn’t it be great to see a documentary on the labor movement over the decades and how it created a middle class, gave people vacations, sick days, etc. and took children of ten years and even younger out of the dangerous conditions. Everyone in this country benefiting by the difficult struggle to get workers’ rights. Many companies hired their own gunmen to kill union organizers. What a timely show that the history Channel should have to remind people of whaat the right wing is trying to destroy. That means everryone except for the ultra-rich. The History Channel continues its very conservative nature which makes it a sham.

  40. 140 · ana says:

    I just watched en episode about I world war. Maybe I wouldn’t be so troubled that you didn’t explore facts concerning that war if I wasn’t a history professor. You talked about the beginning of this war and said that the assassination happened in Sarajevo. That part is true. BUT Sarajevo isn’t nor has ever been a capital of Serbia! It is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In that time Bosnia and Herzegovina was a part of Austria-Hungary but still a semi-independent state whose capital was Sarajevo. Serbs did the assassination but bosnian serbs, linked to some serbian terrorist situated in Serbia(whose capital, by the way, is and was in that period the city of Belgrade). This only shows, that you know so little about European history! Please explore facts before you do these kind of shows, try asking some european historians about the things you do not know.

  41. 141 · Student Teacher says:

    Observing a class in a public high school, I was shocked to hear the only profession mentioned other than “husbands” and “people from all walks of life” that left to dig for gold during the gold rush was ministers on one of your videos. The implication is that ministers are much more interested in money than their congregations – then, but more importantly now. If ministers are interested in money, they would choose another profession (they should be given double honor, however, the Scriptures teach – I Timothy 5:17-18 as many are not receiving what they should and continue on when the church is low on funds trusting God to supply). This part of the video should be spliced rather to say, “many business people” as it is much more likely if you don’t have documentation or just leave it as “many from all walks of life.” Why pick on ministers unless that is what you want your viewers to think according to your own agenda. Then you are adding something into history that just isn’t true. I think the History Chanel could have done much better. It’s too obvious what your intentions are. Other than that, it was an interesting commentary on the gold rush. Keep it to interesting.


  42. 142 · ana says:

    To Vladimir
    “Ja se ponosim svojom domovinom Hrvatskom i srpskom nacionalnošću”- citat Nikole Tesle! I hope that you understand what Tesla wonted to say! You should also know how US understands the concept of nationality! It is different from the serbian, croatian, bosnian, macedonian… By that, american, concept Tesla is Croat. But I agree that they should have mention the nationality of his parents. Don’t be offended, he is pola-pola.

  43. 143 · james mic regan says:

    a comment for decoded. it has taken me 10 years to write and research my self published book, “the wrath of the dead rabbits” it details the conspiracy and cover up to the murder of wild bill hickok by members of the dead rabbit gang of new york city who had enlisted in george custer’s 7th cavalry. hickok had shot down a member of the gang and the gang got even with the blessing of general sheridan because the soldier had earned the medal of honor .they also burnt down the town of deadwood 3 years later to destroy the murder scene.i have more evidence to support this theory than any other written to this date. if decoded is interested in investigating, contact me for a book at plugjmr@yahoo.com

  44. 144 · saxonteuton says:

    Tell me dear History Channel.
    Seeing as you are so obviously English , does this mean that most Historical events have been and always will be viewed from a red/white/blue bias perspective?
    And by red/white/blue , I mean English/American/French/Russian?
    And whilst we are on the subject of origins , don’t you think it’s high time you documented the Ashkenazi presence (and influence) in all these nations (including Germany where they just happened to leave off the first 5 letters – very convenient).
    but , then , I suppose that little ruse worked very well , did it not , after all , that is why we have a present day Israel , not so?
    Why don’t you be real pioneers of free thinking and come out of the closet with all the dirty laundry and not just the perennial crap about the bad Germans and the good kelly’s heroes(sic).
    Surely you also get tired of listening to your own regurgitated rhetoric of d-day and the allied invasion – a war which took 20 odd nations 5 years to beat 2 nations(plus the puny Italians , who have never REALLY been held accountable)?

  45. 145 · Anonymous says:

    Why, it is everytime when people talk about Rev. Jim Jones they always seem to leave out David Conn because he is the unknown person that brought him down.

  46. 146 · james riley says:

    on your show the other nite yall said the longest shot gun barrel ever made was 10 ft. long that is wrong the longest ever made is 25 ft long and you can find it at dixie gun works in union city tennessee. would please tell ever one you were wrong . you fan james riley

  47. 147 · Anonymous says:

    My kids left the History channel on yesterday while I was cooking in the kitchen. Not sure what the show was—but it was animal abuse!!! The southern man had just caught a snapping turtle and threw it on its back in the boat. The turtle kept trying to get out and he keep flipping him on his back.l Granted snapping turtles are not the most loved creature but everything needs to be respected.His calous behavior in front of the camera made me believe when he killed the animal—it would be an ugly death. The southern man was 40 lbs over weight—-he needed to be walking or swimming in the swamp not worrying about putting that turtle in his gut!!!!. I admire most of your shows—but this animal abuse
    scene has made me rethink about the shows you offer. I am embarrassed that people around the world can see how ignorant some Americans are!!!!!!!

  48. 148 · The end of the world says:

    Several gentlmen on your programs predict the end of the world to
    occure on december 2012 ;
    Would you be so kind to organize a meeting with those prophets
    on january 2013 so that they will explain to us what went wrong
    with their prophecies ?
    I believe that if they were bold enough to scare a large part of the
    glob’s population, they should be brave enough to face our

  49. 149 · Jon Blackman says:

    Today for the first time in several years I turned on the History channel and was shocked at what direction it has taken and how it has degenerated. Like a cheap whore it has prostituted itself with programming like ‘Ice Road Truckers’ and ‘Larry the cable guy”. What does this have to do with history? The History channel should rename itself to The Redneck channel. You went for the almighty dollar, blowing off what could have been an excellent medium to bring legitimate history to the general public. What a sorry shame.

  50. 150 · Anonymous says:

    I really like watching the “Ice Road Truckers’ series”! What I hate, & refuse to watch, is the garbage about ancient aliens having visited earth – there is absolutely NO credible scientific evidence for this! It’s just a bunch of crap!

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