Honey-Can-Do Commercial Drying Rack

I recently bought a Honey-Can-Do Commercial Drying Rack (chrome model# dry-01234) for drying laundry because it’s become bothersome to have to wait and spend what I think is too much to dry my towels at the laundry mat. I find that it’s sturdy enough for big bath towels, but can only do five without them touching each other. The other spaces I put medium towels, washcloths or athletic socks. Bath towels will dry hard, but perhaps that is because I do it indoors and it takes over 24hrs for them to dry. Mine was missing a rubber cap for one of the leg stands, but I emailed info@honeycando.com and was sent two by mail quickly. The reason I choose their brand was simply because the fact that they seem to monitor the reviews and feedback they get on Amazon and have a limited lifetime guarantee. The rack folds up easily to store under your bed or in the closet. It will also fit inside your bathtub if you are really low on space when you need to dry items. I suppose you could dry things on hangers on the shower rod, but they really won’t hold too much weight. I put a few shirts on mine already and then use hangers on top of door hooks or door entrances to dry my synthetics and denim jeans (so they don’t shrink and fade in the dryer).

Honey-Can-Do Drying Rack dry-01234


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  1. 1 · Internets says:

    What happend to your site dude? Looks like Spam, tastes like Spam….

  2. 2 · blogger says:

    It’s not spam. Sometimes I do reviews of things I buy or try out. I don’t reblog things like a lot of blogs do.

  3. 3 · Taity says:

    i love that idea to paint the mug rack. i just got 6 of those santa mugs at an antique shop today for 5 bucks! i cluodn’t believe it!! and it looks like you are more ready than me! i still just have that one tree up with NO ornaments and nothing else! i’m going to try and decorate tomorrow. we’ll see.

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