Hotone Nano Legacy Mojo Diamond Guitar Amplifier Head Review

hotone nano legacy mojo diamond amplifier head

Hotone’s 5w Nano Legacy Amplifier Heads are the size of a guitar pedal. I found the “Mojo Diamond” to be the cleanest of the series as it is supposed to model a legendary Fender tweed. This is a great bedroom or practice amp. You can use it with headphones or plug in a cabinet (speaker) to it to hear outloud (granted its 5w). It even has an effects loop, which at the asking price for this size is nice. It has a plug for auxillary in, so you an play with a MP3 player or some other audio device and comes with a power cable. It has a volume, 3 eq knobs (low, mid, high) and gain. All the basics you would need. They make other ones that model other amps, some in which don’t really have a clean sound. Having a clean sound was important for me, so I can add effects to it, as I want. For the price, size and functionality, this is a nice little amp head for headphones or to practice without disturbing anyone.


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