How to Make a Bigfoot Call

If you’ve seen the TV show Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet, you may have seen the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) making Bigfoot calls late at night in the wildnerness to try to lure the Sasquatch in.

I’ll be honest, the yells are impressive, but I’m not sure the Skunk Ape or Yeti will ever appear outside of blurry photographs or shaky videos.

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  1. 1 · Galveston says:

    relish your things through it In what condition to Versify a Bigfoot

  2. 2 · bigfoot says:

    How do you make a hotfoot call my chain the yeity waned to know?

  3. 3 · Anonymous says:

    I <3 BIGFOOT

  4. 4 · Heres Bigfoot!!! says:

    you never told us how. i love that show

  5. 5 · Anonymous says:

    Seems like a group of gents looking for a reason to have a hollerin contest in the woods. They’ve definitely been practicing…

  6. 6 · myself says:

    squatchn’ will always be my past time…never gets old

  7. 7 · Anonymous says:


  8. 8 · ala says:

  9. 9 · Clifton says:

    How do you Make bigfoot call

  10. 10 · Anonymous says:

    i want to see him

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