Inexpensive Moisture Wicking Performance Blazer Suit Jacket

You may have heard of athleisure sportscoats by Ministry of Supply, The StretchSuit, Bluffworks (Gramercy), State & Liberty, etc. However, I’ve found a much more affordable option for a moisture-wicking blazer. Uniqlo sells a Kando Jacket and Comfort Jacket for much less than the competitors. I found the Comfort Jacket to be quite nice.

So why would you want a suit jacket like this?

  • They can be machine washed (note the Kando actually says to hand wash, but put it on gentle cycle, less spinning
  • You can wear them more comfortably in summer or warmer climates
  • If you sweat a lot, these will help alleviate some of this issue
  • They stretch a bit, giving you more freedom

So who would wear such a thing and why is it needed? Maybe your job or situation requires you to move about better.

  • Valets might need this to run around while dressed up
  • Dancers might need this when needing to look their best and still be dressed up
  • Maybe your a lawyer, businessman, salesman, etc that needs to look sharp even during the summer months without getting too sweaty

I’ve tried both of the sportscoats by Uniqlo and I’ve found the Comfort Jacket to work the best, however it does look more casual. The Kando Jacket, while it looks more dressy, it seems a little bit rougher material and seems to wrinkle easily.


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