Is LetGo’s Feature It Worth Paying For?

The app LetGo has a “Feature It” that promotes the items your selling, but it’s not worth paying for. I tried to sell an item in a major city in the United States and with the 7 days “Feature It” at $5.99 and I only got 60 views. They offer other options like 3 days for $3.99 and 1 day for $1.99. So basically I got less than 10 views a day. I started the promotion on a Thursday at about 7:15pm and had no luck.

But the way it works, is that it only features your item once every 24 hours. So when you do it, you need to hope people are on their phone. Which means, don’t do it during the midnight shift hours when most are asleep. And even then, the odds someone might see it are slim.

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