’s New Beta Player Lags with YouTube Videos‘s new beta player is horrible. They now load YouTube videos to try to pull in more songs from bands or perhaps to show a video. But as we all know, YouTube is laggy, sometimes poor quality and the files are much larger than simple audio files. It’s a horrible decision. I can’t even use the site now. I don’t want to see videos. I don’t even monitor very often except to flag a song that isn’t what I want.

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  1. 1 · Ex-Lastfm Fan says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I HATE this new lastfm video player. I can barely even play it without lagging at least 10mins or more between each song/video.

  2. 2 · kwon says:

    I totally agree: the video player is annoying!!!

  3. 3 · dan says:

    lastfm is now completely unlistenable. I was an early adopter and have had a paid subscription for many years.

    Now I’m hearing ADVERTISEMENTS in my paid-up stream. Deal breaker.

    Plus, I’m hearing bone aching amateur covers of real songs!! WTF.

    Business suicide.

  4. 4 · yup says:

    Business suicide. Couldn’t have put it better, Dan. Been a subscriber for 8 years, with three different accounts! Cancelled them all. is pathetic now. No longer can I play my library when having friends over. 2-minute silences after every other song. Have to press F5 to start streaming again. And yes, what is up with allowing an amateur’s song to replace the original?!?! I am going to stop streaming at a clean 80,000 tracks, coming soon.

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