Last Version of QuickTime for Windows 2000

Seems the last version of QuickTime for Windows 2000 is 7.1.6. Requires Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4.


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  1. 1 · Anonymous says:

    this isnt working for some reason.
    i went to it for it to download,
    and it says it encountered problems.
    i dont know what i need to do to get it to work.
    all i wanted was itunes on my computer and i went to itunes for windows 2000 and then the quicktime didnt install.
    and then i installed a quicktime and it wasn’t the right version.
    and now this one won’t download.
    what do i do?

  2. 2 · China says:

    Try installing QuickTime v6. Version 6 works well on Windows 2000. I do not know if you can still directly download this version form internet. But you can still get Quicktime v6 using P2P on eMule or Limewire.

  3. 3 · JoelMMCC says:

    QuickTime versions < 7.2 have serious security problems. Firefox 3 will automatically disable its plugin for this very reason, for instance.

    This means that there is NO SECURE VERSION OF QUICKTIME for Windows 2000 or earlier. At all. Period. Nor is there a version that will work inside of Firefox 3 under Win2k. If you have ANY version of QuickTime on a Windows 2000 machine and it’s connected to the Internet, it’s potentially wide-open to hackers no matter WHAT other protections you may have installed!

    You may be able to get by with QuickTime Alternative (basically Windows Media Player Classic 6.4, which had partial QuickTime support until Apple’s lawyers made them yank it out in WMP 7 and up), but that doesn’t support newer features of QuickTime.

  4. 4 · v7.2 will work on 2000 says:

    I was able to install QuickTime 7.2 on Windows 2000. I extracted the quicktime.msi from QuickTimeInstaller72.exe and then used Orca to change the LaunchCondition “VersionNT” entry to be VersionNT>=500 (instead of 501 which is XP).

    Since v7.2, Apple has once again upped the ante by introducing a non-supported system call to QuickTimePlayer.exe (namely SHParseDisplayName, patchable to SHGetFolderPathW followed by two trailing zeros). But there’s another surprise: C:\Program Files\QuickTime\QTSystem\QuickTime.qts requires kernel calls that don’t exist (and that I’m in no mood to patch), so apparently the only way to keep running at least somewhat up-to-date QuickTime is to keep using QT 7.2’s QuickTime.qts.

  5. 5 · radarsweep47 says:

    Obviously no help at all… I can forget about QT on W 200 Pro.

    So much for that.

  6. 7 · Anonymous says:

    It looks like the last version for windows 2000 is
    Quicktime 7.1.6 at

    You need to enable CC using Edit / Preferences / Player Preferences and there’s a check box to show Closed Captioning when available.

    There is one security update to 7.1.6 at

    There’s also iTunes 7.3.2

  7. 8 · W2k Lover says:

    Big thanks to 7.Anonymous. Just what I needed.

  8. 9 · Namron says:

    7.Anonymous: Bless you, and your children, and your children’s children, down to the seventh generation!

  9. 10 · windows 2000 4ever :) says:

    TY for the info!

  10. 11 · Anonymous says:

    how did you re-create the .exe out of the extractet files?
    Thanks a lot!

  11. 12 · Pterodactilo says:

    Excelente, muchas gracias Anonymous. Thanks a lot!

  12. 13 · antonioD74 says:

    thanks a lot!!!

  13. 14 · Jasper says:

    Thank you for the tips and downloadlinks on installing Quicktime on Windows 2000. Too bad the .mov file was too big for my computer to handle. The file is bigger than my intern memory (250MB) and Pentium 2 350 Mhz processor. 🙁

  14. 15 · Anonymous says:

    Pentium 2 350 Mhz processor???
    i just left it last year….. 🙂

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