LED lights too bright

The LED world with without blue up until the ’00s so now every new device out there must add a bright blue LED. Or at least it seems that way. LEDs are a great way to let a user know if something is on or not, but at the same time can be distracting if in view. I would definately recommend to not put your computer in your bedroom or in any room that you wish to relax in. Even amber, red and green LEDs can become annoying over time. I usually try to put electronics with them facing a different direction and out of view from my computer workspace, so they are often low or in hidden crevices around my desk. I’ve found the best thing to do is to use thin cardboard (try a cereal box or tissue paper box) and a piece of electric tape. You can cover the cardboard with black ink from a sharpie. Then put a piece of black electrical tape on the top of this and set it up so it works as a flap. This will allow you to lift the cardboard and see the lights below, if you need to diagnose whether something is working or not, otherwise the LEDs won’t emit light through the cardboard. Just make sure the cardboard is big enough to cover the LED and any light leakage.

hide bright blue led

How I hide bright blue LEDs

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