LinkedIn Premium Career Review

LinkedIn Premium Career for $29.99 a month is promoted for individuals looking to get hired and get ahead. Or that is how it is marketed to you. I signed up for the free 1 month trial and set a calendar event with several reminders so I know when to unsubscribe. I’m giving my review after a month of trying it out.

What it offers is:
5 InMail per month
Send direct messages to anyone on LinkedIn. I suppose this can be handy, but I haven’t used it yet.

Who’s viewed your profile
View the expanded list of who’s viewed your profile. There are still some people that show up as anonymous. So some will still show up in this format “Recruiter in the Staffing and Recruiting industry from New York City Area”.

Job insights
See how you compare to other candidates applying for the same job. This only happens when at least 10 people have applied for the job. Not every job has the same amount of details either. Sometimes you see what are the top skills of the other candidates (only when 10 have applied) but sometimes it won’t show up. It’s weird and if you apply early there isn’t much benefit.

Salary insights
Get instant access to salary information without sharing your personal data. I’ve really yet to see any salary information for most jobs.

LinkedIn Learning
Learn new skills with on-demand video courses taught by industry experts. In reality, this is basically just access, which I guess is the same price as LinkedIn Premium Career, so I suppose if you pay for a subscription you should cancel that and just get this instead as it gives you the same thing.

They bill this off as you will be get more views as you will list higher in the search. But in my experience, it doesn’t matter a single bit. It didn’t translate into more views at all, my views stayed the same. So what does this say? Perhaps people view your profile really based on your image 100% so if you look too nerdy, too black, etc then don’t be surprised if your views are low. This isn’t going to change anything. My views and searches haven’t gone up any really. So in my opinion, LinkedIn Premium Career is not worth the money unless you are already paying for

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