I’m sure I’m not the only one that has noticed that more and more people seem to use the road as a dumpster. I was behind a car awhile back in a residential neighborhood and saw someone set down a empty 44 oz Big Gulp in the middle of the road while they were at the stop sign. They then closed their door and drove off. Is it that hard to keep the trash in your car until you reach your destination? It’s not like their aren’t any trashcans at gas stations, places of business or at your house. And do people really need to drop a dirty diaper into the middle of the road? Come on that is disgusting. Take a little pride in where you live or at least keeping your neighborhood clean. Even if you don’t like that place or city you are in, you can still take some pride in being clean and keeping things neat. To me this is really trashy. I’ve seen people throw a trash bag on the ground rather than walk another 10 or 20 feet to another dumpster that isn’t full. What makes it worse is when the trash bag isn’t tied up and then the wind blows the trash all over the neighborhood.

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