Local Online Competition

Seems the local online classifieds competition is heating up now. There’s Craig’s List, Kijiji (owned by eBay), Topix, MySpace, Facebook (powered by Oodle), plus your local city newspaper and probably a free weekly classifieds paper that is at most stores weekly that has an online component. Makes me wonder what other local aspects are going to have some major competition.

One thing I noticed about Kijiji is that they will not let you place an ad that will show up elsewhere. Seeing how they are owned by eBay I guess that makes sense. However Craig’s list doesn’t seem to let you post anywhere either, if they wanted to compete against eBay they could add that feature in. Kijiji also seems to have modeled their site after Craig’s List, however its better looking. I understand Craig’s List is supposed to be plain, but its taken to the extreme.

So what does local competition comprise of? I think the following is a good list for any portal or local site should have.

  • autos
  • real estate
  • jobs
  • classifieds
  • map – I’d have to say Yahoo’s local map is the best, followed by Microsoft’s, sorry Google just doesn’t have the amount of information Yahoo does
  • local news – its hard to get local news, newspapers and tv stations win here
  • obituaries – this maybe a secret, but newpapers get a lot of traffic here
  • weather – tv web sites do very well with this


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