Logitech TrackMan Wheel review

I’m new to using trackballs, but this device made the switch rather easy. It seems it was designed to make you use two fingers for controlling the 3 buttons and scroll wheel, since the buttons on the right are so small. I miss the fourth and the fifth buttons on my old mouse (which I used for back and forward), but I guess they couldn’t think of where to place them. The software (if you install it) also lets you setup how you want north to be interpreted by the ball.

Logitech TrackMan Wheel


  • PC and Mac compatible
  • PS/2 or USB
  • thumb-operated
  • optical (which results in less cleaning)
  • scroll wheel
  • right side is very similar to regular mice
  • software lets you configure how the ball interprets movement


  • right handed only
  • buttons on the right are too small

After using this for about 2 or 3 months I had to quit. My thumb became sore moving the ball around too much. However, I was able to get good enough with maneuvering it to use Photoshop fairly well, but not down to the pixel level, like I can with a mouse.

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