Mainstays Bath Towels Bleed Their Dye

All my bath towels are white, but I realized I needed some towels to wipe up spills, clean counters, etc without ruining my white towels. So I bought some dark brown (chocolate) bath towels from WalMart. When I put them under water I noticed right away that the water coming from them was a reddish-brown. I proceded to soak them in water and wringed them out several times to get all the dye out. I thought this might be an isolated incident, however it seems not to be. When visiting my parents in another city for Thanksgiving, I noticed my mom had bought some Mainstays washcloths (dark blue and dark green). I tried both under the water faucet and sure enough they bled their colors. Are they trying to cut costs by not rinsing out their dyed towels properly under water now?

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