Maxell Stereo EarBuds Model PL-1 Review

I recently purchased these cheap Maxell PL-1 earbuds from Walmart for about $3. The cable is short, the sound is tinny, due to the fact there is no bass. Even the treble coming out of it is very poor. Of course for three dollars you can’t expect much. But I have bought Koss earbuds before for about the same price and they sounded great. I’m not the kind of person to throw down more than $10 on headphones. A few times in the past I bought some around $20 and they still ended up going bad. Why is it that headphone cables always go bad so you only hear out of one side eventually? I thought about ripping off the bad side on my earbuds on 2 pair and using a dual 3.5mm adapter. Granted if both sides are the same channel (left or right) then I might miss some of the audio nuances, but I could get by.



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