Men’s Shorts Are Too Long and Too Baggy

Seriously is it still the 1990s? Or has basketball fashion influenced men’s shorts? It seems this year’s fashion are cargo shorts which seem bulkier and slightly heavier. And why do men’s shorts have to go down to the knees or mid-way behind them? Shorts today are too long, they feel like capri pants that shrunk. I’m not looking for the 1980s too short shorts or skinny shorts, but ones that go a little above the knees and are slightly tapered. I have been able to find a few pair, but they go for like $20-$35 a pair. And why do we need shorts that are straight leg (baggy on the leg holes)? They should be slightly tapered at the end.

Believe or not these images are from 2010, not 1995.


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  1. 1 · Anonymous says:

    it’s because most dudes have toothpick legs or here in the US, they’re overweight and/or still have toothpick legs. shorter is definitely better! especially if you have soccer legs and that could be your best asset. i’m just sayin’.

  2. 2 · Anonymous says:

    The ones shown are actually on the trim side compared to some of the clownish outfits that are still popular in the suburbs. These things go in waves, so what’s going out of fashion in some circles is still gaining strength in others. I’m not a fanatic when it comes to the length of shorts; anything from just above the knee to ’80s style short is fine with me. However, I can’t stand baggy clothes of any type and some of the ugly basketball shorts over the last decade have looked more like grocery bags with holes than clothes. Some others flair out to look like really ugly skirts. I’ll be glad when those styles are recognized as the hideous mistakes from the past.

  3. 3 · Anonymous says:

    Yep – I am having the same problem but willing to pay the $25. This frustration in trying to find a pair of shorts not yet featured on the butts of America’s most wanted has caused me to draft a small article about short for me. It will be in the August Aegis Journal at So any idea where shorts I do not have to take to the tailors would be nice and I’ll other know too.

  4. 4 · blogger says:

    I believe the one’s I saw that go above the knee where at Dillard’s, JCPenny’s or Kohl’s.

  5. 5 · Joe says:

    Yes, it is definatetly very difficult to find a decent pair of nice men’s shorts. When will this rapper trend, along with this surf board trend end. This rapper trend has to be the longest fad I have ever witnessed. Is is absolutely laughable to see ads showing girls with skimpy bikinis and then the guys wearing these big baggy pants to the beach or pool. What is it with these mens styles that cover up the thighs. Have we gone by the way of a new religion, like those that cover up the females. It’s like, have guys gotten so buttoned down these days. Well I don’t care what anybody says, I’m a guy, heterosexual, and I like to show off my legs, athletic legs, I wear short shorts at every opportunity, where it fits the occasion. I wear shorts with a 2-3″ inseam, exposing all of my thighs and sometimes reveal a bit of my ass. And the ladies get a kick out of it and I like it.

  6. 6 · jt says:

    “a bit of my ass”……..?!

    that’s too much. i wear shorter shorts, but my ass stays out of view. nobody wants to see a dudes ass cheeks hangin’ out of his shorts. and dude, the ladies don’t “get a kick out of it.” you’re lying to yourself.

  7. 7 · Anonymous says:

    The trend is slowy changing. Mid-thigh length shorts have been fairly popular in Europe for about 5 years now, and the trend has been gradually picking up steam here in the States finally. There are some above the knee styles that are starting to show up in off-the-rack retailers, but unfortunately many of these are still on the baggy side a lot of times, which is not good if you’re like me and relatively short (5’6″ or so) and also fairly slender. You can find some places that offer them online, and a new company at specializes in so-called short shorts, offering a less tailored version as well as a slim fit version in a 4-inch inseam, and they can also custom make a pair. Now that I’ve found this company I’m ready to make the switch to the slimmer mid-thigh style. Attitudes toward short(er) shorts for men are gradually changing and although it will probably be too cold out by the time I get a few pair, I’ll definitely be ready for next summer when the changing trend may be much more obvious—if for no other reason that a lot of guys (and women too) are getting tired of these ugly looking long and baggy styles.

  8. 8 · Mikie says:

    I have worn short shorts all my life, not daisie dukes, but mid thigh length and love it because it’s cooler in the summer. I found the best fitting ones are the levi 511 skinny jean cut-offs, found at amazon for around $16. The cut-offs are knee length, so I cut them myself to 14 inches (measured from the waistband down the side seam) and hem them which leaves them 13 inches long sporting a 5 inch inseam. I like the low rise and the snug fit of the skinny jeans which accentuate the already skinny legs of mine. The girls notice! I’d love to see this trend go big! It’s about time the guys get over the long and baggy trend and show off those thighs.

  9. 9 · alaska says:

    The only shorts that I have found that were not influenced by the “Fab 5″ are made by Talos. They are comfortable, the inseam is between 4 and 6 inches (and the 6” inseam is getting a little long). I have found a few pair online but most I have found at Wal-Mart. These are shorts that have the length you would expect. They don’t look getto baggy and the legs are slightly tapered. I wish I could find more, but they are scarce and I don’t understand why other companies don’t manufacture shorts that length.

  10. 10 · HMB says:

    Did you buy on-line Wal-Mart? I Can’t find 4 inch Talos shorts anymore, and I have always worn them.

  11. 11 · al says:

    The “gangsta” influance is dead, so why are men still wearing those ridiculous, knee-length baggies? How bad is it when we look at our fathers and grandfathers pics and they look better than us! How do you get a tan on your thighs without pulling up those stupid things, and even my girlfriend thinks they look “dumb”.

  12. 12 · ChiTourist says:

    I agree that shorts are way too long but the baggy look is just way more comfortable. The worst look is capris or rolled up jeans. And the spandex shorts should be reserved for cyclists out in the country, not at the mall. As far as finding shorts with a shorter inseam, I suggest looking for slacks where you like the fit. For a few bucks you can have them altered exactly the way you want. The other alternative is a custom tailor, just a bit expensive.

  13. 13 · Anonymous says:

    I was pleased when J.C. Penney came out with nice 7 inch short last year in their “Towncraft” line. Since I still see them the catalog and in the stores, they still must be popular. For my money it is a great length: little or no thigh showing but still well above the knees on most men.

  14. 14 · Anonymous says:

    Guys that wear short-shorts are typically homosexuals (think The Village People-YMCA) or yuppie up-tights with zero fashion sense.I don’t know how you figure that longer/knee long+ shorts being “gansta” or “rapper” influenced, that is a typical upper middle class suburban assumption.I am now over 30, was never “gansta” influenced and still feel more comfortable with at least knee length shorts! I don’t have chicken legs,so check that off your list as well.Never had a problem getting women wearing them as I have dated 2 models and numerous other very attractive women. I started wearing baggy, longer shorts in the 90s growing up as a skateboarder.I can put on a suit when needs be for business but shorts and business do not mix anyway, thus when I wear shorts, it’s what’s comfortable to me.Frankly you all mostly sound like elderly pretentious twats.4 inch inseam? Haha, sorry my testicles and penis need room to breathe you whitey tighty wearing do-gooders.Thank God fashion is not dictated by people like you.You all sound borderline fascist.Hop into your BMW’s and head out for a nice day of Golf with Morgan and Chip and everything will be okay.——–Oops, after rereading some of your comments, I just realized that you people shop for clothing at Wal-Mart and JC Penny.Hahah, Okay, perhaps you are just poor or just have poor taste in clothing. Enjoy feeling secure in your little world of tight snug fitting clothing, maybe someday everyone can be, look, think and dress just like you.Guys should really all be parting their hair to the side and wearing 3 button high collar shirts, even when at home with their Stepford Wives.

  15. 15 · Anonymous says:

    Comment 14 was very mean. I’m sure most of these people just want to be accepted in their normal length shorts, rather than being looked down upon for not wearing Capri pants as per the current trends.

    Remember, everyone is just like you. We’re all the same. Everyone. Treat others with respect.

  16. 16 · Anonymous says:

    I thought comment 14 was kind of funny. I can see why someone a little over 30 would think that way; his formative years were the peak years for big, stupid shorts. But he must realize that his sense of fashion won’t be current forever, that sooner or later he’ll be bitching about how the younger generation is wearing cloths that are too short, too tight, too loud, too boring or too whatever. I might even agree with him, depending on how things change. As Oscar Wilde put it “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.”

  17. 17 · Anonymous says:

    love long shorts over my knees yes

  18. 18 · Anonymous says:

    Shorts are called shorts because theyre supposed to be short. They arent called “shorters” but “shorts”. When i was younger we made fun of people wearing those long board shorts (“What? your family couldnt afford to get anymore fabric cut off?”) and the only reason longer shorts were purchased was so when we sat on a non-cloth covered seat we wouldnt burn the heck out of our legs. Shorts are made to keep people cool. Not to make people look cool. Genitals breathing is just dumb. I dont know what it is with guys thinking they have to have their genitals hanging au naturel under shorts and pants but thats just moronic. I laugh at people that think theyre testicles and penises hang down below their knees. I wear shorts that have a 2-3 inch inseam when its ungodly hot and I dont care what people think. Sure i get the whole “we wear short shorts!!” comments from people trying to get others to laugh but they get red in the face when asked where they bought their extra large capris. Im not in High School anymore and therefore am not trying to make a fashion statement, follow trends, or look hip/cool. As long as my genitals and/or butt cheeks dont hang out then I will continue to wear shorts the length I want. Now when I get to, say, age 50 or so then I’ll just wear pants all the time or stay inside.

  19. 19 · Tnwinger says:

    If anyone is interested, I like The Talos Brand Shorts. They have a 6″ inseam 6 pockets are very comfortable and are priced from $19.95 to 23.00 I buy mine at Jack White Apparel you can find them online. Bealls online also has shorts with 5 and 6 inch inseams in a variety of colors…..I agree Basketball shorts just don’t cut it with me.

  20. 20 · Tnwinger says:

    I don’t know about staying inside at age 50…….I am 65 years old I still scuba dive, parasail, water Ski, ride a cruiser motorcycle, and wear Talos shorts in the summer time, and go on at least one cruise a year…..age is a frame of mind……

  21. 21 · Passerby says:

    I believe that long shorts for men are here to stay. Shortd are getting shorter, but I don’t think you’ll ever see anything shorter than jsut above the knee on guys ever again. If you notice, styles of the 80s are back in. All except for shorter male shorts. Those shorts that were in fashion for both sexes back then (rolled up jeans, running shorts) are now back in style- for women only.
    The reason short shorts will never be isn style for men again is that members of both sexes loathe the idea of a guy showing off too much leg. The majority of people associate short men’s shorts with homosexuality. Short shorts do not make a man gay, and I personally have no issue with them.

  22. 22 · Joe says:

    I’m glad to see the different view points. I am in my early 50’s, play intense sports and have a better physique then many guys much younger. Real shorts for men are still hard to find. The gals have it easy, unlike for the guys.

    The shortest I get away with in public is mid-thigh. Many people in the city where I live are too prudish, most of the guys around here dress like hoodlums.

    When is the respect and the acceptance of respect for men’s bodies going to happen. It’s like almost normal to look obese for men.

    Some men have big mounths, some have big chests, big arms, I have none of those attributes, but I’m still very athletic, within 1″ of speed skater thighs and a waist that many guys and women envy for.

    The most resistance to men’s real shorts is from the 30’s and below crowd. This is the prudish attitute that permiates.

    I think there is nothing fashionable looking like an overwieght hoodlum.

  23. 23 · Anonymous says:

    @passerby. Loathe a leg? Dude its a leg. its just a stupid leg!

  24. 24 · HuntingForShorts says:

    I just found this thread after discovering they discontinued the line of decent shorts that worked for me, 5″ inseam Royal Robbins Billy Goat shorts that were like khaki business-casual shorts. I’ve only seen a picture online but it looks like Patagonia has a similar model that I hope will work as well (in case anyone stumbles on this thread and is hunting. I googled “men’s shorts 5 inch inseam”). I’m in my late forties and didn’t grow up in the era of these long baggy shorts. The whole purpose is to be cooler during the summer and mid-thigh (depending on leg length) seems conservative enough when people wear shorter ones for working out.

    The Royal Robbins strangely have been replaced with longer ones but which still cary similar model “Billy Goat” model names despite the whole reason people looked for that model name was to find the shorter shorts. There is one they call the “original” which oddly is also slightly longer but more unfortunately nylon rather than cotton.

  25. 25 · Anonymous says:

    comments like #14 are unfortunately very common if you Google “short shorts on men”–USA is very, very homophobic, and evidently short shorts on men is assumed to be gay. I think today’s “shorts” are absurd–they are non-functional to workout in, as long and baggy as they are, and certainly don’t keep you cool in summer.

    I don’t know where the myth started that men’s legs are somehow gross. Men can have very attractive legs, if they workout and are muscular and defined. Some prefer them smooth–men can shave the same as women, and often do. If they are white and pasty–well, that’s self fulfilling, isn’t it, if they aren’t allow to wear shorts below the calf, how on earth are they going to tan their legs?

  26. 26 · Anonymous says:

    Google the topic men in short shorts and you will find many comments, mostly from women, saying how gross it is and that men should never wear short shorts. I asked several women, all straight, their opinion on the matter and they all said that they prefer men to wear long shorts. What is funny is that straight women are not bothered at all by seeing other women wearing next to nothing.

  27. 27 · Joe says:

    Clothing is about proportion and creating flattering illusions. Shorts are no different. Perhaps long baggy, board or basketball shorts are fine on a tall man, but short guys look even shorter with them. Nothing is going to “hang out,” while wearing 3 to 5 inch inseam
    shorts unless that’s the effect sought. Then it’s called “crass.”

  28. 28 · Anonymous says:

    As a dude, I’ll be the first to say I wouldn’t be caught dead in a short above my knee. Even my gay friends think it looks too gay.

  29. 29 · Anonymous says:

    I guess I’m the worlds biggest flaming faggot then because all I have are above knee shorts.

  30. 30 · the schrod says:

    Comment #14 was way out of line for serious discussions. it so happens 4″ inseam shorts is EXACTLY what I want, and I’ll bet a majority of guys agree with that. Where the heck did that knee-length look come from, and why is it still here(?) And why is there no “in between” bathing trunks? there’s a lot of room from speedos to knee-length!

  31. 31 · Anonymous says:

    only reason i can think of is that guys a lot of times like to wear long baggy shirts. if he wears a long baggy shirt and short shorts it looks like hes wearing either a dress or no pants. this gets an “ewwwww” from people and the guy starts wearing shorts that go to his ankles so he wont be made fun of.

    And schrod is correct, id totally be for shorts with a 3 1/2 – 4 inch inseam.

  32. 32 · Anonymous says:

    I think some of the trend is related to the homophobia that prevails in society much more in this era and thus the US will likely be the last to make more change to the shorter side based on its politics. Having said that I believe shorts will become somewhat shorter eventually but never go back to where they were in the 80’s. All of my shorts are at or above the knee being I am 6’4″. “Clam diggers” look stupid. If I want to wear long pants, they will be down below my shoe tops. I am much more comfortable in shorter shorts ( 5″ inseam) but don’t wear them being what today’s going fashion is. When it’s very hot (especially in the humid South), anyone stating longer shorts are cooler just aren’t living in reality.

  33. 33 · Anonymous says:

    Long shorts, which came in 25 years ago, are too long. Nothing is more faggy than being afraid to show women your legs. Hey fat boys, lose the goatee (those are tired after 25 years also), lose a few pounds, quit being alcholic ex-high school football second stringers, stay in a marriage and get a frigging job.

  34. 34 · Anonymous says:

    yes its very annoying,why are retailers so presumptious as to assume i wont want my going-out shorts to be actual shorts instead of knee length ones,and instead reserving all the genuinely shorter ones for the group least deserving of it-the girls..yucks,ugly for girls to be in short shorts.i feel like ive been robbed of an essential right to be a boy,and being a person now that females have a myraid more choices than us males.there should be a law banning women from short shorts so it can return to the rights of us males.if women wana expose they can always do so with miniskirts.why have so many revealing apparels for them which just encourages them to be indecent at inappropriate moments?trust it to america to overturn the concept of equality.

  35. 35 · Anonymous says:

    comment 14 must be made by a fashion loser whos a slave to moronic social opinion and too cowardly to break out of it.he sounds like a faggot and a foul one at that.its fine that his thinking will lead to his own demise,for the public just dont be swayed by his words thinking that any majority of men would think like him or accept such foolegery
    comment 33 couldnt be more right.
    people generalising sexuality for men by their clothes are the real gay there!!worthless crapholes.

  36. 36 · fabrizzo says:

    im a man and i dont mind men in short shorts.calling people gay is just a way of dismissing opinion so they can continue a disgusting trend.seriously how do u know anyone online is a gay or not?dont be fooled by such tainted morons.they dont know shit about the meaning of gay or what it describes.would u listen to a half wit who cant even pass his/her vocabulary?is the world progressing or regressing?why do people listen to such lies??
    i wonder how would one take to attacks on women’s revealing clothes.calling them whores or the such

  37. 37 · fabrizzo says:

    even a man who wears a miniskirt or tutu cant be called gay,just a crossdresser.let alone shorts which are heterosexual,and by right,for males.

  38. 38 · Graff says:

    American Apparel makes nice shorts for men and women. 🙂 They are high-waisted, which I think is important and hard to find. I don’t see what’s wrong with showing off your legs, unless you are fat or something. The feeling of wearing them are incredible… It’s a shame that people will miss out on them because they think it looks ‘ridiculous.’ The only thing that’s ridiculous is their attitude.

  39. 39 · 408% says:

    Men don’t like to wear shorts above the knee because it looks too femme.

  40. 40 · gjert says:

    I’m a man and wear 3 1/2 inseam shorts from JC Penney. They arer only available online. They are not tight, not extremely short, but do end mid-thigh and can ride up when sitting. Still, very comfortable and nobody seems to care. I heard that men wearing short shorts tend to get harassed or stared at.

  41. 41 · Anonymous says:

    @408 I’m a guy and I don’t think it looks femme.

  42. 42 · Frustrated says:

    I am sorry, but the long shorts look is totally stupid…I am not a hoodlum or a home boy (sorry, not trying to sound like a racist). A 3-4″ inseam is as hard to find as gold nuggets on the street. I bought 6 pairs 10 years ago when I saw this trend and just threw away my last pair of cargo short shorts. I call it the dumpy look for all who wear these, or “flood pants” guess I will just cut off jeans until retailers discover we are not alone.

  43. 43 · Men's legs says:

    Men’s legas are ugly? No, no, WOMENS’ legs are disgusting. Sure, womens’ legs look fine when they are young, but take a look at a 40 year old man’s legs and a 40 year old woman’s legs. The woman will have revolting veins, disgusting cellulite, and generally look like they are rotting from the inside out. The worst a man’s legs look is just fat.

  44. 44 · Men's legs says:

    No, men don’t think that wearing shorts that are above the knee is feminine. Men simply buy whatever is on the shelves, with very little thought.

    And, think about that. Shorts “above the knee.” That’s what shorts are. The idea that there are these baggy things that go mid calf and are as wide as the man’s waist is feminine; that’s the closest to a dress that shorts can get!

  45. 45 · anonymous says:

    We are victims of “whoever” controls stye and fashion. Stuff has to go out of style and fashion so that “whoever” can supply you with what they want you to.

  46. 46 · Above the Knee says:

    Believe it or not, I found a pair of shorts in Pensacola, the Wal-mart store that are above the knee and are cargo shorts with regular front pockets plus cargo pockets a little lower, and on the back pockets (velco) plus a slim pocket on the right side, for my cell phone. Made in Bangladesh for Monte Carlo Brand style#PLOSO9PB color # 260
    PO# WT1852 I have them in Tan & Blue . I think they are great, not dress shorts I but can’t find them in Ga. at all.

  47. 47 · Anonymous says:

    Glad to know I’m not the only one searching for a decent fit for a pair of shorts. The shorts I have bought, I’ve had hemmed up a few inches and they are still only like 1 or 2 inches above the knee after that. I probably should of gotten them tapered as well as the leg holes seem really wide since they are all “straight leg” cut.

  48. 48 · legs 11 says:

    2 years or more since the first post on this thread and it is still difficult to get a pair of good shorts that aren’t headed for the ankles on a good downhill run.

    Somebody before wrote about guys who wear short shorts being predominantly homosexual men. I’m one str* guy who doesn’t give a wet slap what idiots like that think. For work I have to wear khaki shorts and many of the guys who don’t stay in jeans are still covering their knees – even when sitting.
    For me, a good pair of shorts should be around 4″ inseam to the max 6″, and fit snugly around the crotch without compressing the boys.
    It is almost impossible to get a good pair that aren’t running shorts, without buying online. The problem is the fit, which you can only check by trying a pair on. JCPenney had some cargoes during the season, and Walmart has pullups, but on both those the cut is less than ideal.

    The ones I find that are acceptable in cut and length are ladies’ shorts. The only problem with them are the pockets, which I guess are made with an eye more for decoration than function. But they fit – and my shape is 100% male except that, unlike many I see, I have a butt and my legs are not skinny sticks. It’s worth a mention that I have had some kind comments from the ladies – but I lay them at the feet of the one who designed the shorts.

  49. 49 · anonymous says:

    It will be a hard sell before above the knee shorts for men come back. Today’s generation coming up was not around when men wore them on a regular basis. Like many other things that used to be unisex or male fashion, women have taken shorter shorts for their own. I understand Michael Jordan popularized the trend, but there were other influences as well. A man I know told me he was sitting in a restaurant wearing shorter shorts and some at a table full of teenagers, both boys and girls, looked at him and giggled. He said that one boy stared at him the whole time, and he took his order to go and left. Case in point, men will be covering kneecaps forever due to the extreme taboo on showing too much leg.

  50. 50 · el bigote says:

    Nothing is sillier and more ridiculous looking than long baggy “shorts” (should be changed to “longs”). When the trend finally goes it will be looked back upon with more embarrassment than one might imagine having by wearing short shorts now. I absolutely cannot stand the feel of too much material on my legs when I want to wear shorts, especially with swimwear. I search and I search, and it is next to impossible to buy decent fitting shorts (either to long and baggy or too short and tight…gay). I’ve been resorting to tailoring mine for the proper fit for the passed couple years now. By the way, short shorts are not just from the 1980’s, they have been acceptable every decade prior to the 1990’s. Wear real shorts proudly, stop being concerned about what others are thinking, we are obviously ahead of the crowd on this one. The herds will follow.

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