Minimalism and the Wealthy

I think its great people want to live with less or unclutter their lives. But so many of the “minimalists” are getting rid of things, then end up buying a $5000 couch or $2000 floor lamp, because in order for their bare empty space to look good they need the best quality and designed items to fill in the void. To me this is where people get minimalism mixed with frugality or simple living. This minimalism trend is really about having a few high end design items, not just having less stuff. You won’t ever see a minimalist living in a Van or RV, that is too “low class” for them.

Personally I think it’s fine having a junk drawer with extra tools or equipment for a rainy day. I’m not stressed out about having extra duct tape, scissors, wood glue, gorilla glue, office supplies and spare parts. I keep it in a drawer and when I need it, I have it. No need for me to waste time to go to the store, find it and wait in line to buy it. I already have it, when I need it. A few extra bowls or chairs, is fine when I need them, otherwise I can store them someplace easily. I make sure to get items that collapse or are multipurpose. The outdoor gear I have that only gets used a few times a year, well that saves me time from having to go out and buy it every year or rent those materials. I’m not worried about them collecting dust in a closet or small space. I have them to use when I need them and it saves me money. Minimalism is definitely not about saving money. I’ve seen the blog and videos by minimalists and those folks have money and time to blow on expensive items and aren’t about saving. To them its about quality of items while maintaining order and organization.

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