OfferUp failings

OfferUp has several issues with it that have been ignored by the developers. Buying out LetGo might of seemed to help them, but honestly they will end up dying out in a few years I’m sure of it.

Issues with OfferUp

  • Scam Bots – annoying and drives people away
  • Annoying notifications I don’t care about
  • Items that were posted 1 or 2 yrs ago are still in the feed and show up in results. I understand some people might want to keep selling something, but they should have to renew a post after a given time.
  • Can only post from the app. LetGo used to let you post from the web also, which made it easier to cross post items.

LetGo I think failed for these reasons:

  • Only local sales
  • Monetized only off of promotions
  • The auto-response of “Yes, it’s available!” seemed like you were shouting if you used it, because of the exclamation mark. It made you seem too eager to sell things, so I never used it.
  • Notifications you could not turn off

OfferUp has some improvements over LetGo

  • Monetizes off of promotions & ads
  • Ability to sell & ship items to buyers

I think its a matter of time before Mercari crushes them unless they fix their app and prevent scam bots.

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