OfferUp Promotions Review – 2nd Attempt

I tried again to promote a nice piece of furniture on OfferUp. Again another 7 day feature promotion. I started on a Thursday and it lasted a week. In total I only got 349 views from it. So OfferUp doesn’t guarantee how many views you get. It also means that it’s possible so much is being promoted that yours might get lost in the mix. There was no holiday during my week, so not sure what happened. I had great pictures and started it $450 as the starting price and eventually lowered it. I only got 1 inquiry about the item and it was for $150, way too low. It might be nice if they told you how many times it was actually even shown as a promotion to people so you could see the ratio of promotions to views. But they won’t tell you that. If they told us the amount of promotions it got, then maybe we might not feel as ripped off when our items get few views, because the app did try to promote it a lot. But since we are left in the dark, it seems like a bad deal without the other information.

So my conclusion, is do not waste money on promotions, definitely not more than 3 days for sure. And be ready to sell your stuff at 1/4 its value. Because people on OfferUp are looking for things cheap and will not even pay half of its value.

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