OfferUp Sell & Ship Nationwide is Broken

Recently I decided to try to sell nationwide and got an offer. I clicked to accept the offer multiple times yet the message stayed there asking me to approve it. However it gave me a shipping label and code to mail it, so I mailed it. Later on the seller asked if I was going to accept the offer and I told them I already mailed it. I proceeded to message OfferUp, which only has a automated phone number and email address. About 2-3 days later they got back to me and I explained the situation and gave them the shipping information I gave them and they said it wasn’t a valid label. I had the latest app downloaded and shipped my item but they weren’t going to reimburse me for the loss.

Obviously there app has bugs that they haven’t fixed. Combine that with their slow response time and I cannot recommend anyone to use the app. Not only that, but they now show ads on the app. Obviously if they used the app themselves they could figure out why not many use it anymore. You are better off selling on Marketplace or Mercari.

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