OkCupid Sucks

The changes they recently made with OkCupid are horrible. They mention that they think people have better responses with others if they like each other first. However, they make it a pain to figure out who messaged you in the first place. You basically have to refresh double take 50 times to hope that shows up. Really do we have time for all that when before we could just log in and check our messages? The fact is they want to make you pay for the convenience. They also make try to sell you boosts, for your profile. Seeing how Match owns OkCupid, POF (Plenty of Fish) and other dating properties, I guess it makes sense for them to experiment with different models of income on each platform now that some apps like Tinder and Bumble are taking a chunk of their market now. OkCupid’s site is more of an inconvenience than before, while they are trying to put in some kind of Tinder swipe effect into it, I believe keeping it to a traditional old school style kind of dating site was better suited. But I guess they feel they need to change it. Best thing to do is delete your account, because it’s totally garbage now, because they want you to play guessing games with messages and pay for an easy way to find your messages.

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