Operating Systems to Watch

Figured I’d clean out some more links from my bookmarks and share them.

  • SymphonyOS – Linux based OS that features an innovative GUI
  • Syllable – A free operating system but it’s not based on Linux or BSD
  • ReactOS – Free open source operating system providing a ground-up implementation of a Microsoft Windows XP compatible operating system
  • SkyOS – Operating system built initially as a hobby and now a commercial intent
  • VectorLinux – lightweight Linux OS
  • DSL – (Damn Small Linux) very lightweight Linux OS, its only 50MB
  • Puppy Linux – another very lightweight Linux OS, 28-70 MB
  • Xubuntu – Ubuntu distribution for older computers
  • Haiku – Open source clone of BeOS

I don’t really follow SkyOS anymore since they gave up the idea of remaining free a few years ago. I do periodically see what Symphony and ReactOS are up to, though. And VectorLinux, DSL and Puppy Linux are worth looking into if you have some really ancient computer hardware.

I added Xubuntu and I recommend you get the text installer (its on the alternate cd) so you can install it faster. It uses the Xfce Desktop environment, which is lighter on resources than GNOME or KDE. Xfce is not ugly either, its visual style is similar to GNOME.
I added Haiku.


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