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When I’m coding I usually like to have some music playing, but often I get bored with my own MP3 collection so I usually use a internet radio station. The great thing about the ratings based stations is that you pick what sound you are looking for and say if you like or dislike it and the station adjusts. Here is my own comparison of Pandora vs

When I setup a Chuck Berry station on, it was playing stuff not only from the 50’s but also Metallica, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Pearl Jam. I think it was too broad in finding similar music and on a whole is much more broad in finding other songs to play than Pandora. I’ve also noticed that the volume of the songs being played on are sometimes quiet, too loud or sometimes just right. Pandora has all their music at the same volume which is nice, because that means I don’t have to fiddle with the volume. The “social networking” aspects of outweigh Pandora by a long shot but Pandora did add some new features lately. The only other thing beats Pandora in is their wider collection of music. If I look for the band Justifide or Reform the Resistance in Pandora, I get nothing but seems to have even the obscure and lesser known bands. I think Pandora outdoes in many ways right now, since its radio stations are more finely tuned to what you like and are the same volume. The one thing that bugs me about Pandora is that sometimes they play the same songs too much, although u can click on a button to tell them not to play a song for another month. I cant say I used as many hours as Pandora so I don’t know if they do the same thing or not, the volume changes were just too irritating to deal with, for me to use if for very long.

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  1. 1 · Anonymous says:

    I much prefer Pandora because I find that it’s easier to use and gives me better music. Not to mention how much obscenity there is on!

  2. 2 · Anonymous says:

    i thought had more songs on my stations that i truly liked.
    the only thing i prefer about pandora is that you can pause 🙂

  3. 3 · Anonymous says: is way better in my opinion. Pandora seems to stick more to the mainstream music, the stuff you already probably have on your ipod or listen to on the radio every other day. seems to give me tons of lesser known bands that ive come to love since i started using it=] Also after you use for a decent amount of time and continue telling it the kind of songs you like it gets really good at selecting songs for you. ive gone from skipping maybe one out of 3, to maybe one out of 20 or 25 since ive started using it, and ive found 30 or so new bands that i love on using it=]
    only thing i have agianst is that lately it seems to be messing up, stopping songs randomly and not always wanting to load songs and channels

  4. 4 · blogger says:

    In the last few months I’ve switched to, because of the time limits Pandora has, plus I’ve gotten tired of them playing the same songs over and over. They simply don’t have a big enough selection for some of the genres I listen to.

  5. 5 · Mitch says:

    Pandora fan that just discovered My only complaint is technical…for some reason frequently stops and starts…like its buffering. I assume this is not the case for most others or it wouldn’t be sucessful. However Pandora rarely has this problem for me. So, if this is an ongoing issue, I will stick with Pandora. On the positive, I am hearing a different mix of songs for the same core artist and it’s a little fresher…

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