Paper Mate Write Bros. Ballpoint Pens

Is it me or are these the best ballpoint pens ever made?
Paper Mate Write Bros. Ballpoint Pen

Paper Mate ballpoint pens have been pretty much what I’ve used since late highschool. Unlike Bic pens they don’t dry out or leak. They also work until they are out of ink, which I can’t say for Bic pens either. Plus they are very inexpensive. Perhaps it’s because Paper Mate is in mostly just the pen, pencil and eraser business, whereas Bic makes pens, shaving blades and lighters; thus, Bic is used to making stuff that is just disposable and only gets a few uses. Whereas, Paper Mate knows how to make a pen that lasts. The only change they’ve made to this model of pen is the coloring. Instead of being white with the cap and tip colored the same as the ink, the full plastic casing is now the color of the ink.

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  1. 1 · Donna Michael says:

    Well I don’t know if your going to like this comment or not, but I recently purchased a 12 bag of what I thought was a dependable pen. Something I could count on when one was needed. Out of the 12 I bought half of them have gone in the garbage and I just checked the other half to see how many would write and out of 6 3 are not writing. What happened to the quality of your product, I’m 59 years old and I have been using your products for most of my life and I have never come across anything like this. I was searching for an apartment when I bought these pens, I needed something I KNEW would write, well this time I was very wrong.I know they’re not expensive and thats not the point. The point is where is the quality gone. These pens are white with a blue cap and an M written on them. I also have the blue pens with the blue caps and an I on them they are the best. I paid $2.99 at a corner store and all I get is 3 that work.Looking forward to hearing back from you

  2. 2 · Mr. Nick K. San Diego,CA says:

    The papermate pen itself ,for as long as I can remember ,has been a questionable quality pen at best. I suppose to make BIC look good. But to keep on with the same poor quality is obsurd. I was using the papermate EAGLE pen and the thing leaked and then dried up. The entire box performed just about the same way. Please if you have any pull in the pen industry– Get Papermate to up the quality and make a respectable back up pen we can be proud of. Enough is enough in making BIC look good and besides they already have billions of dollars in sales. Thank YOU

  3. 3 · Anonymous says:

    I also used to be a fan of Papermate pens. But the quality has dropped considerably. About a year ago I bought a box of the “grip” style Write Bros. model. It was bad enough that, when you tried to take the top off, the body came off instead, leaving the tip and the grip part in the cap. But this also led to a depressing discovery: The pens now come from the factory only about half full of ink. Sad.

  4. 4 · Anonymous says:

    I also experienced the same disappointment. I always bought the white Papermate pen with a med. point and it has the blue cap and wrote with blue ink.
    I could not find them so I bought a Papermate that said only, Medium Point Stick Pen and it has a black cap and black ink.
    These either write a bit or not at all and if they do, it is so light, I can’t read half of it.
    I know they say Bic is bad but I am going to try to switch back to them. What I bought in a package of ten or more in Papermate is hardly worth having. I just found the black-capped one is not writing and I just took it out of the package about two days ago. So I tried another and it wrote for a few seconds and deserted me.

  5. 5 · Anonymous says:

    hi my name is wadner i want to buy papermate pens to send to Haiti but i don’t how do sale them please send me a text massege to let know how much is the boxes,or tell me how did you sale it.

  6. 6 · Anonymous says:

    sorry my email

  7. 7 · Dave says:

    Also very disappointed that they stopped making the white medium point pens with the blue caps. They wrote the best. Most pens today have poor ink quality – even expensive ones.

  8. 8 · Kelsey says:

    Well, I for one *love* these pens. All of my pens have been drying up lately, and I can be pretty picky. So I went on a hunt for a pen that worked in the colour I wanted, and lo and behold, I found an old Papermate sitting around the house, which has revived my love for it. Needless to say, I just went out and bought a whole new pack. And the best part about it all? I *have* to have blue, green, red, and purple pens, and either a black or yellow. These are sold in packs with all of those colours. Perfect!

  9. 9 · MikeJefe says:

    I used the original Write Bros. (all-blue barrel and cap, fine point – I prefer the standard blue ink over the red or black) exclusively through high school and university. It was the only pen I was comfortable with, and like you said it never let me down. I’d buy them in boxes of 12 at Staples and test them all, maybe 2 would be duds (either didn’t work, or leaked) but the rest would not quit until the ink ran out (or I lost it somewhere). For the price, this didn’t bother me much. Mind you I got my degree 15 years ago. Now when I find PaperMate pens they’re consistently bad, very leaky. Disappointing but now that we do most writing on computers, not like I have to write with pens as much as I did in school.

  10. 10 · HapC says:

    I have used the fine point black stick for 30 years and it has never failed to perform perfectly. It is the only fine point pen we use on contracts as it writes smoothly in the smallest of spaces. I have never seen any difference in the quality.

  11. 11 · Sambo says:

    Amazing to read the comment at the top by Donna. As of this writing I am about the same age she indicated when she posted. Anyway, I have been buying boxes of the red Write Bros. grip pen. And they have been drying out out very soon after I start to use them.
    How hard can it be to make a pen that keeps on writing until the ink is all gone? What brand dose anyone suggest as an alternate?

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