PDFforge’s PDFCreator sneaks in PDFforge Toolbar

When installing PDFCreator I told it not to install what I thought was the Yahoo! Toolbar. However, when I launched my internet browser I noticed a new toolbar appeared. So I uninstalled PDFCreator and the PDFforge Toolbar (as it’s called here) from Windows’ Set Program Access and Defaults.

I decided to reinstall it and see how it snuck by. It seems to be mentioned in the license agreement, but its buried in all that text.

On the screen I thought was for a Yahoo! Toolbar, I find out its actually for setting up Yahoo! as my default search engine, yet why put the image of a toolbar on that page? Not only that but the title of that screen says PDFCreator Browser Add On, but not only that it specifically says, “Install the PDFCreator Browser Add On and” then some bullet points and a toolbar image followed by “Set Yahoo! as my default search engine and notify me of changes.

Therefore, I assume that it will install the toolbar and set Yahoo! as the default search engine. But then below that it says “IMPORTANT: If you don’t want to install the PDFCreator Browser Add On, then please unselect it on the next screen.” But why even mention it or give it the name of that screen if we have to select it on the next screen.

Here is that next screen

I like PDFCreator for creating PDFs from other programs, but I think I’ll be on the lookout for a replacement after this. And it should go without saying when you install programs always do the Advanced Install because they will often sneak things in by default and don’t blindly click next.

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  1. 1 · blogger says:

    I now recommend to use doPDF as an alternative.

  2. 2 · 3292010 says:

    They have updated the install on your second image and made it more easily understood. PDFCreator v1.2.0

    I didn’t get any toolbars. But I just finished installing…

    …Checked settings & the web toolbars are grayed out. Nothing on FF or IE browsers either.

    Note: there was mention of “spigot toolbar” in the terms of service & on the web it didn’t look good but since I opted out & it appears nothing is there- I hope it didn’t go underground on my system & I shot myself in the foot. & if not- Thanks PDFforge!!!

  3. 3 · john says:

    Thanks for the info. I was able to uninstall the toolbar from add/remove programs.

  4. 4 · blogger says:

    If it installed it for Firefox, you may have to uninstall it in Firefox. Go to Tools>Add-ons and then uninstall from there.

  5. 5 · Phil says:

    I too found Yahoo’s toolbar and the search provider option in my browser, having been sneaked in.
    True,my fault.
    But then… I hate it when companies try to catch me off guard.
    And that’s what happened here, in spite of my going for the custom installa option (as I always do).
    So it’s bye bye PDF creator. That’s the end of many years long relationship, which started when PDFCreator was the only (free) option in town.
    Gladly, there are a good number of good alternatives these days.

  6. 6 · crisulici says:

    Hi, my name is Cristi and I work for Spigot.

    I am here to provide information about how to uninstall the Spigot Toolbars and turn off mybrowserbar redirection.
    To uninstall the toolbar please follow the below steps:
    • Click on your Windows Start button
    • Click “Control Panel”
    • Click “Add or Remove Programs” or “Uninstall a program”
    • From the dialog box that appears, choose the Spigot Toolbar and click “Uninstall” to remove it.
    You can also uninstall the toolbar from the browser by going to the “Help” button on the toolbar and selecting Uninstall.
    For screenshots and more information on this please visit: http://www.spigot.com/uninstall.html
    To disable MyBrowserBar Network Error Assistant please follow these steps:
    • Click on the “Options” button on the toolbar and click the “Options” menu item
    • Click the “Search Settings” tab in the Options dialog
    • Uncheck the “Enable browser network assistant page” option by clicking on the checkbox
    • Click the save button.

    For screenshots and more information on this please visit:


    Please contact me from our website if you have more questions,

    http://www.spigot.com/contact.html, thank you.


  7. 7 · Anonymous says:

    I reported this on Sourceforge. Everybody should do that. This kind of stuff does not belong there.Only clean software that does what it promises and nothing else.

    Luckely I broke off the installer in time and did a search on the net.

  8. 8 · AGU says:

    Any suggestion for other free pdf creators?

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