Please No More Lists

I’m really getting annoyed of seeing the same old Top ## Windows Apps or ## Web Development Tools lists on Digg. I’ll admit I’ve been guilty of making a few lists myself, but I decided awhile back not to do them anymore. Most of these lists are the same applications or websites over and over with a few new ones sprinkled in (if you’re lucky). I’m sure you’ve read blogs that state how great lists are, but many are just duplicate data. If you list doesn’t give an adequate review or enough details it’s not worth reading. If your list is really huge, people will bookmark it, but will never have the time to go through them all. Are there really 50 Killer PDF Applications I need to know about? Or could you try them all and narrow it down to 5? It’s easy to search on Google and come up with huge lists; However to actually review and figure out which are the best would be an even better list for your readers. What’s really funny is that I’ve seen lists made up of other huge lists. I’ll admit I have many of these laying around in my bookmarks, many I’ve yet to go through because there are just way too many and I don’t have the time to try them all out. Maybe I should of made a list of reasons not to make a list.

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