Power Centers no longer being made

Power Center Surge Protector
I got one of these for Christmas a few years back and at the time I was like, what do I need this for? It was ugly and seemed too big for my desk and figured it would end up in my closet for awhile. However, I did realize I was always unplugging my printer, scanner and other peripherals when I didn’t need them. So I decided to put it on the side of my desk, rather than under my monitor. They are really handy devices, since you don’t really need power to everything at once, just power what you need, and when you’re done with the computer, just turn them all off. I was recently looking for another one, for my TV, DVD, VHS, Stereo system and realized it seems most of the manufacturers that made them are no longer doing so. Belkin and Fellowes seemed to have stopped. I’m sure if they made them in something other than dirty beige, they would sell better. A lot of them look like something from the 80’s with big clear red led switches on the front.

Most electronics use way too much power when they are off. The “One Watt Plan” in the UK, will hopefully be adopted in the US, until then you can help out and use one of these devices for more than just computers and cut your electricity down some.


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