Prohands Grip Master vs VariGrip

Prohands Grip Master or Prohands Via is a tool to help strengthen your fingers or hand grip. The problem I see most with this device, is that people get one that is too strong for them. Your pinky and ring finger are actually weaker than you think, so you have to start off much weaker than you expect. That is where the VariGrip Therapy has an advantage. Because with the Varigrip you can adjust the strength for each finger. Although I wish the adjustments had a bigger range. Because odds are your index and middle finger (even on your non-dominant hand) are multiple times stronger than your ring and pinky finger. So you’ll probably have to buy a VariGrip that is very weak for the pinky and ring fingers and get those to catch up to the index and middle fingers in strength. So it doesn’t make sense to buy the Grip Master because it only has 1 fixed resistance level. You won’t be able to grow with it. You will have to go through multiples of these devices either way though, but at least with the VariGrip you can go through less. Once you get to a decent strength the VariGrip Sport does offer a wider range of resistance.

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