reCAPTCHA Plugin for WordPress

The reCAPTCHA plugin for WordPress is very easy to install. All you have to do is register on their site, get your keys and download the plugin. Then you just upload it, put activate it and put in your keys in WordPress. The code seems to be maintained by Carnegie Mellon University. reCAPTCHA works with JavaScript enabled or disabled, has a audio reading option and is free.
reCAPTCHA for WordPress
If you already use Akismet, this will help reduce the amount of spam you will have to moderate.

You can also change the theme that it uses, in case the default red and yellow clashes with your site.

Inside recaptcha.php look for these lines

<script type='text/javascript'>
var RecaptchaOptions = { theme : 'red', tabindex : 5 };

The only theme I know that works for sure is ‘red’ and ‘white’, they don’t seem to have a black theme yet.


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